Kohli Anushka: Its Official!

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Kohli Anushka: Making It Official!

Yes! It is true, Anushka was in Sri Lanka when Virat was playing,she was also in England and also New Zealand I believe. And the news channels are bearing one news today on a bold font – Virat Kohli makes it official, he is going out with Anushka Sharma.

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Kohli Anushka- It’s Official!

Although I have been a bit jealous of the celebrities and the flamboyant lifestyles they get to live, sometimes I do sympathize them that their private life does become compromised and everything they do becomes a big deal. I think it was the match against Sri Lanka when this became a big deal. Kohli completed his half century and blew a kiss to Anushka who stood up to appreciate Kohli’s knock. The next day, the news channels were bearing this news 24*7 and every chat room was filled with this topic and I was wondering – two people who are interested in each other and want to take it ahead – case closed! Is there or should there be anything more to it?

Why was it such a big deal?

Yes! It is public now and Virat Kohli likes Anushka Sharma and they are going out together and probably we are going to see a lot of them going ahead which is their own personal life. At one end I agree that both of them are celebrities and both of them have a public life. But at the other end, those two are humans more than anything else and they are in love with each other. And that is a beautiful thing? More than anything else, I really appreciate that Kohli stepped up and made it public – one to silence the media and also to send a message to the fans that what happens in his private life is his own private life and none of us have any right to it.

Why Kohli dating Anushka was wrong?

I have heard people take this issue personally and some have gone to the extent of saying how wrong he was in dating Anushka. I have heard the hard core cricket fans talk about this passionately and how him falling in love has resulted in a poor performance and why he should stop the relationship and concentrate on the game. It would have been very different if a well wisher or a friend would have told this to Kohli, but it was just a fan of the game who could not handle his idol playing a bad game. If I ask the question –

What is more important? The man or the game he represents?

I think both of them are very separate issues. If he is not playing good cricket then he will take some time off and come back to play the game. That is his choice and he is the one who has to live with it. Just cos he is dating someone and not playing very well, it gives us no right to connect the two and make it appear as the biggest mistake he has done. Love is a beautiful thing and it has made sense to him and I think that is where the discussion should end cos what he does in his private life and his private time is his business. A fan doesn’t own the player, there is no point in being too passionate about it to the extent that we go blind on the bigger picture.

Why it was great that he made it public

I think it was a very smart move made by Virat Kohli putting out the news in public. It atleast shuts down the gossip mongers, it avoids the wrong news. He also sent a clear message saying that it is his private life and people should be in a position to respect it and appreciate it. I believe atleast now the rumors should take a better shape and leave these people alone. I think the essence of privacy to a certain extent is lost when it comes to people who lead public lives. But all the same, we are people, we are more evolved than that and we should be in a better place to understand the human being. Whether we are a fan or not is secondary, but truly we are human and can appreciate the sense of privacy of people.

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7 thoughts on “Kohli Anushka: Its Official!

  1. Celebs do have to pay a heavy price regarding privacy.
    They have a life of their own and ought to have a right to do what they like.
    It was common knowledge that the couple is together. Best wishes to them!
    Looking forward to the Hindi movie P.K. that has Anushka & all the best to Kohli to create better cricket history.

    1. True Anita, I kinda feel sorry for them. The constant papparazzi on those guys and the sense to privacy is so diluted that it makes me wonder how hard it is for them to lead a commoners life. Maybe that is the price to pay of being a celebrity. I don’t know but it kinda is a hard place to be in..

      Yea, I too am very much looking forward for peekay, might not be for Anushka, but certainly for Aamir Khan 🙂

  2. I feel sad for both of them. They have made their dating a topic of laughing stock on twitter. I always see hundreds of jokes cracked on their relationship, but now that Virat publicized it , i think it really shuts down the gossip mongers !

    1. Yeaa. It is a very unfortunate thing Najm. I didnt know they were a butt of so many jokes on twitter. Poor guys.. But yea now that he has publicized it, maybe people get back to their own lives and their own business!

  3. I don’t think that there is any harm in accepting it when so many talks are going on for and against them. I guess Virat accepted it publicly will shut down the rumors related to their relationship. Though I always believe that it is their personal life and we should not interfere into it. If Virat’s performance is deteriorating we can criticize it, but we cannot predict the relationship with Anushka as the reason for it.

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