Kiran Bedi: 7 Killer Quotes

Kiran Bedi: A Dynamic Persona

Some good news for the BJP followers. Kiran Bedi Joins BJP. The first woman IPS officer has come a long way in her life with nearly 4 decades of service in public welfare and the next few decades she has decided to enhance the same with a different role.

Here are a few facts we should know about India’s dynamic persona, Kiran Bedi


  • She was a good tennis player of her times. She won the National Women’s Lawn Championship,  Asian Lawn Tennis Championship and many more.
  • She founded 2 NGOs: Navjyoti India Foundation (for welfare and preventative policing), India Vision Foundation (for prison reformation, drug abuse prevention and child welfare.)
  • She won The United Nations Medal(awarded by the U.N militaries of different countries for their participation in joint international military and police operations.)
  • She won Ramon Magsaysay Award (A Philippines Award awarded for outstanding contributions in Government Service, public service, etc..)
  • She won President’s Gallantry Award.

Here are some inspiring quotes by Kiran Bedi


The focus is what is right before you – to give it your best. It sows the seeds of tomorrow.”

So often, we are lost in the idea of tomorrow, we all have huge future plans. Infact if you ask the well planned ones, they will tell the next 40-50 years of their lives in detail. I have had friends like that and I often wondered how someone can actually have their rest of the life planned? It seemed so farfetched back then! 

I mean the world is such an exciting day, no day is similar to the previous one and the external circumstances keep changing every hour and we keep changing too. Our priorities change, our views change and our circles also change depending on the amount of growth we have seen in this world. Sometimes probably all we need to do is think and live the day as it is and give our best to it. The tomorrow shapes up way better than we can expect.  

“What is the value of education which does not inculcate passion and fearlessness for setting right what is wrong?”

Education is Man Making said Vivekananda. If I look at the education system today, I often wonder if any of it is actually being manifested. All my academic career, I have only be tuned with one thought – How to score more marks and how to become the topper of the school.

I had no idea of what I read and how it was going to be useful. I never learnt how I should behave with people, talk and interact with them. I was not taught how to handle failures in life, but when they hit, they hit really hard and it took a long time to understand that they were a part of life. Then again, we ask ourselves, the system outside is just a system, we define our environment and we learn what we choose to learn. What if we just tune in the focus and understand that education is more about building a character than mere jobs in the country. It is not true that toppers alone make it great, there are plenty of these toppers who work for normal men who have shown greater strength in character.

Maybe it is time to shift focus and reorder our priorities.

 “I had a clear vision: if I take up an assignment, I’ll do full justice to it; otherwise I’ll walk away.”

I either do it or not! It is as simple as that. So many times I end up telling yes to all those projects I really hate doing. Sometimes I realize that I do it so that I should not disappoint anyone. But in the end it so happens that the only person disappointed is me. 

I would not be happy cos I did a crappy job at it. The person expecting it out of me is not happy cos it is average work and the final result is also not commendable. Then what is the actual point in doing it at all? In other words, we end up doing something and get blamed for doing it. Instead, wouldn’t it be simpler to say no and take something which is up our alley and do full justice to it?

“People who do not take charge of their lives are lathi-charged by time.”

Perhaps this is my favourite quote of all. All of our life’s disappointments, challenges, problems are signals which keep telling us something. They keep telling us to work on certain factors and improve our lives. They keep telling us that something is wrong and we need to act upon it.

But if we fail to respond to these signals, if we fail to work on them, we do end up getting hurt. And it does hit us when we expect it the least and it hits really hard, sometimes so hard that it takes days or weeks or even months to come out of it.

Truth is, we need to own up to the occurrences in our lives. The moment we leave it to something else, we will be rattled by ever other occurrence. The only way forward is taking full control and responsibility of the occurrences no matter how much we would like to deny them. None of the problems get solved on their own, do they?!

“There is nothing unfinished on my agenda. I do whatever I can for the day. Simple!  If I were to die today; I will depart with nothing impending.”

We all have some extraordinary goals in life. Sometimes these goals are so big that they deter us, they make us question ourselves and they even overwhelm us.

Sometimes I even feel that I am not capable enough to get there. But at these times I do remember the quote of Bruce Lee – Low aim is crime. But then the truth is I do find it overwhelming. And rightly so, there are lots of things that need to be done. But we cannot let that deter us. We are here to fulfil our dreams and our destiny. It is our life, not someone else’s and we would have it no other way.

Maybe the sense is in identifying what needs to be done, chunk the big goal into smaller ones, the ones which are very much within your reach. These goals get you closer and before you realize you are there on the path of your final goal. Sometimes, the simple sense is in doing one thing at a time, step by step to reach the summit!

“I take is in stride, Although I feel content with all that I have, I have never rested on my past laurels, simply as I feel that there is a lot of look ahead and the grand finale is yet to come.”

I hated my manager at work. One of the best things he ever said was this –

Vinay, no one cares for what you were or what you did in the past. What I care about is what you do now and how that places you in the future. Although I hated everything he did, this one particular statement made sense and today, the only thing I remember about him is this statement.

True, isn’t it? We have all done great things in our past and we are particularly proud of them. However we ought to know that the past was a day ago or maybe an year ago. And you did a great thing by doing it, but that doesn’t mean anything for the future unless you put in the hard work and energy it deserves. We ought to step out of that zone where past takes a bigger picture than it deserves.

Life is in the present and the way you let it decide your future.

“I believe in prayer. I believe in gratitude and serving people.

Belief is a personal choice. If that is the case, I would believe in something which brings out the best in me.

Prayer brings peace, serenity and the eternal hope that something can happen to get my life on tract.

I believe in saying Thank you, cos I am indeed thankful for the challenges and opportunities I have. They do push me down to the ground, but they do pull me up again, make life more meaningful

I believe in people. I have always thought that service is either overrated or underrated. I am too small to serve someone, but I am human and I would love to help someone in need. It is not because I am a saint! I never was and I would never want to be one. But I sure want to be human and that is a noble goal isn’t it?

So, these were our favourite quotes and the video for you to remember. Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Such an awesome post vinay:) sooo sooo sooo much inspiring!!! Loved every bit…every word 🙂 Thankyou for these Killer Quotes 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you Kavitha. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I thoroughly enjoyed making this post and was trying something new in the writing style. I am really happy to see that it is received so well.

      It was a lovely experience knowing so much about her and the opportunity to read more.. Felt really good and nice that such people are coming up to take bigger roles 🙂

  2. Such a nice post Vinay. Kiran Bedi is such a strong personality compared to Arvind Kejriwal. She is really going to make the fight tough for AK49 in Delhi elections….

    • Thank you Alok.. He he, I think Arvind has no comparison and all and I have all the puns intended in this. From my personal perspective, it was really premature to quit the CM seat. It was such a pity since there was so much more he could do.. It kept reminding me of a theoretical approach or a very idealistic approach to keep expecting changes at that pace. I agree that administration is never easy and it is perhaps the most difficult job but it is also the place where character plays great role and also the temerity to face those tiny bits of challenges and come past them..

      Having said that, I am a very simple man, sometimes all I do is an empty comment 🙂

      • Absolutely correct, but there are so many morons over here in this world, and you cannot change the mentality of those. And on other line they too think the same about us 🙂

  3. Ms. Bedi can be a good chief minister, a no nonsense person. She should not be sabotaged by disgruntled BJP members and should be allowed to function .

    • I think so too Abhijit. It was about time we needed someone with a clear idea what they want to do and actually work towards that. Someone with a clear vision, a set of air tight principles and of course the experience in real life administration deems like a great fit in the league 🙂

  4. she is really a lady of strong vision and mission. I m lucky that she has visited our college twice along with Kejriwal and have a time to listen her as a guest.

    • Amen to that Yogi. I guess we are in need of such people coming to the forefront. I am really happy that politics is moving from the age old idea of no seekers to qualified and skilled people with a real vision.

      This way, maybe there is some hope for the country..

    • Thank you Hemu :). It was really exciting to know this much about her..

      Someone was telling me a couple of days ago – When she was in charge of the traffic department, she had apparently towed away Rajiv Gandhi’s car. It was the time when he was the PM. And when asked she would calmly say – “Well it was parked in the no parking zone – My duty is my duty”

      He he, some guts that would take. Well probably that is something which makes these people so great.. The principles which define them 🙂

  5. Superb post! So far I have been liking Kiran Bedi, but, today I am awe-inspired by her personality… We need such leaders! Thanks for this motivating post, Vinay!