Kangana Ranaut Rejected A Fairness Cream Ad Worth Rs.2 Crore

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Kangana_Ranaut_2013Now that’s some news we feel really proud writing about 🙂

One of bollywood’s fairest actresses is fair enough not just in the realm of fairness as the color of skin but fairness in the thought behind it and the attitude that goes a long way. We will never know how true the color perception is. We have heard people say every now and then “Dark is beautiful” and yet I wonder how many of us actually believe that. And I sometimes ask myself as to how many would actually be itching to trade off their color for a fairer version. No wonder the fairness cream companies make so much of money.

It feels really good when someone in the mainstream comes out to make a powerful statement like this and not just a powerful one but a very ethical one. Over the last few years, Kangana has really grown as an actress and the respect for her on screen and the portrayal of varied characters has grown immensely. And today somehow when I came across this news piece, the respect grows a little bit more and this time for her as a person which means a lot more than just an actress.

And when asked, she was mentioned saying that she doesn’t believe in the concept of fairness. Now you might say that it is easier for a fair person to take that stand and would have loved a darker one taking that stand, then I would just say that you are being too critical and also slightly hypocritical as well :). She was quoted saying

“Ever since I was a kid, I have never understood the concept of fairness. as a celebrity, what kind of an example would I be setting for younger people?”

How’s that for a statement now?! Source : http://www.scoopwhoop.com/inothernews/kangana-ranaut-ad/

I have never really understood the concept of true fairness and I would be lying if I say I am not biased at all. I mean, I am not blaming the society or the education or the cultural tuning but somehow at some level we have all been trained either by the media or by our education or the environment around us which makes us assume that fair is beautiful. I am shamelessly saying that even I have done it a few times completely inadvertently and later felt completely ashamed about it.

I guess there is more to it than meets the eye when it comes to the concept of fairness. The companies want us to believe that fairness is equivalent to beauty cos that is the way they survive or rather that is the way they prosper. Such a surprising factor isn’t it? More than the quality of your skin, its health and appearance, what matters more is the fairness and all the movies, ads make us feel that so consciosuly which makes us wonder and sometimes subconsciously accept that fairness means beautiful while the truth is that it has got nothing much to do with it and it runs a little deeper than that.

And today when we make this post, it is not to exonerate ourselves from our judgemental attitudes, it is mere acknowledgement of the same and how wrong we have been in accepting the false education without even questioning it. And that’s when these grand gestures come into picture – when they awaken that moral sense within us. And today, kudos to Kangana for doing that.

As for what’s fair, you tell me – What is indeed?

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12 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut Rejected A Fairness Cream Ad Worth Rs.2 Crore

  1. Two most beautiful personalities on earth were black. And because of being born black, they were literally named black. They were Krishna and Krishnaa (Draupadi). Their beauties are still cherished 🙂

    1. True Ravish. Tall dark and handsome or dark and beautiful whether it is mythology or the 10th century history. It is only the era post 15th century where things changed and the whole Aryan Dravidian debate happened followed by the rule by a fairer skinned lot. Such an irony isn’t it?

  2. Finally, some rationality from Bollywood… 🙂

    But, I wonder why every time such news about actors hit the media just before/after the release of their new films (wicked smile) 😛 ….

    1. He he he he 😀 .. Fair question Maniparna. The previous news of a similar kind was from Shenaz Treasurywala when she wrote that stupid open letter to the PM as a marketing gimmick for her movie. Apparently this is an older news and is coming to the forefront cos she is now in news. But ethically I am really happy that someone took a stand for it 🙂

    1. He he. I guess it is the same obsession with cricket wrt to all those wonderful other sports. Or is just that the whole crowd is following another crowd and so on in an endless rat race only to realize that even the winner will only be a rat!

  3. A very less number of population is of blacks but they are on the top of every field.for eg singer dancer whole entertainment package-MICHAEL JACKSON,hollywoodactor-WILL SMITH,bollywood actor-SRK and the list goes on……………..

    1. True mate, there have been greats to that list – Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King. Morgan Freeman, Obama and the list goes on bringing a smile on my face when I think about these people and the challenges they have faced and overcome them. I am not really sure about MJ as a role model here since he underwent a complete overhaul of his skin tone very soon in his life and probably had a bit of insecurity about it too. We might never know the complete truth, but nevertheless his achievements have been phenomenal to say the least..

  4. Vinay, I wonder how many people realise that the colour of skin evolved with genetic codes coping with the environment. People in hot countries have darker skin because of the blazing sun and vice versa. I don’t recall the exact details. Fair is beautiful came about because one group wanted to feel superior to another. Fair skin doesn’t get you respect, fair thought does!

    1. I wonder too Lata. Indeed, the color of the skin is just a matter of the theory of evolution of Darwin or any other theory in that matter wherein we are a direct descendent of our environments over time. And it is completely insensitive to judge someone based on that. I was reading a very interesting theory about the these countries being ruled by the fairer skin. If we look at our 10th century history, it talks about tall dark and handsome and it is very rare that someone with a fair skin is considered handsome or beautiful. On the other hand the recent history, we have been ruled by the fairer skin and the association now has been between the fair skin and beauty and also superiority. In an alternate world, what if we were ruled by people from the darker skin tone? Would our perspectives have changed?

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