Just because somebody gets an A in college doesn’t make him the greatest man…

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I have always been a part of the educational system where marks have mattered the most in life for me. While in school it was about topping the class and making it to the honor roll. The highest marks was to get into the best college around.

Once that was done , the struggle continued for consistent A’s in college which would ensure us a great job at an MNC which would ensure us a lot of money. That was done and I would ask myself. Most people said yes – Cos I had a good job which paid me well which mean car , money, house , bla bla bla.. But then I’d try and ask- is this success ?

The answer I would always get was -NO ! I didn’t want to be the biggest earner in the world. I didn’t want to cross my list of things to do and say – did this , this and this and now I should be called a success. That didn’t satisfy me either.

The question that probably set me free was – what would I rather do? The decision was to quit deluding myself , to quit the rat race . I realize even if I win the rat race, I’d still be a rat! I didn’t want these A’s anymore. They stopped making sense after a while. True success is definitely elsewhere. Maybe it means a constant hunt. The A’s made sense only to a certain extent. Now that I feel a little grown up, there seem to be a lot more things which make a little more sense :). Doesn’t necessarily means it is stupendous success, but the hunt is definitely a lot of fun 🙂 😀


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