its your call, take it

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We all have a personal calling! Deep down we all know what we want out of life, deep down we all have a definition of who we are and who we are not. We all know that there are some things which excite us beyond money, riches ,society, acceptance, fame, and so on,… That one thing which makes us smile the very moment we imagine ourselves with it, that one thing which makes us feel at ease and pride to say – YES! THIS IS WHAT I AM, the true definition of me, this is what I feel that I am meant to do.

It certainly is a beautiful thing about passion; it is not the easiest thing to find in the world. Sometimes, it appears very easily camouflaged as desire, hard work, discomfort and what not. But that is the true depth of it. Whether we agree or not, I am sure atleast at one point in our lives we have found that desire, maybe some took the extra leap and defined the desire as passion, some left it along the way, some kept going on cos they believe in it. The harder the belief, the stronger the passion. Coming to think of it, why did we do it all? I mean it is no easy work, it meant going out of our comfort zone to make it happen, it meant that we had to stretch ourselves, it also meant that people would not be with us to support us all through. But we still went on.. Why did we do it? Maybe the answer was – Deep down, we knew that it was THE CALL, and we knew that we had to take it. I am assuming the liberty to take the flow in a past tense but I am certain that the validity would be equally strong on the futuristic note as well..


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