It’s simple, we are going to try till we die!

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There are some quotes which make us stop, give out a gasp, say WOW and revel! If we talk about the persona here, I think he speaks for himself. If most so called successful people are asked what the secret to success has been , the common answers stretch from innate talent to the gifts to humanity, the innate brilliance or intelligence which makes them a completely different species altogether. But I think heroes should be the ones who are amongst us, the ones who we can relate to, aspire to be and simple so that it is not too hard to follow their paths.

The quote resonates in a lot of terms, confidence, persistence, belief in hard work, perseverance, the true spirit of a fight and so on. The resonance at some point touches a vibe which makes you want to get into action. If you look at the quote closely, it doesn’t speak of arrogance, it doesn’t say that you cannot be better than me, it appreciates that possibility. It just says one thing, that I am going to fight no matter what. The fight is on till the last breath cos that is something which separates from who we are to who we aspire to be. That little extra we do for the things we believe in which make us who we are, which bring out the exemplary magic in us.

Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without hard work. Now that hard work may be masked in the form of fun cos for some the joy that is derived of this hard work is so zealous that it never makes it feel like work. But I guess we all get to a stage where we feel a little tired, where we feel that sometimes it is best to fold, sometimes to stop trying so hard. But I guess something like this can kick start what we want to stop for a moment. Cos success is perhaps is in its perpetuity. Like Winston Churchill says, success is moving from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm. Maybe that is all there is to the real secret of success, the perseverance to make things happen! 


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20 thoughts on “It’s simple, we are going to try till we die!

    1. Oh thanks Pratik :).. Oh he is a brilliant actor. Esp his movie- pursuit of happiness is a mind blower amongst many other super hits. If you have time pls do watch it and would love to know how you find it 🙂

  1. Inspiring read. And Will Smith specially tops the chart on inspiring quotes. I love his attitude. Thank you Vinay for sharing this wonderful post 🙂

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