Its not just enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well

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Well we’ve always been told that the thoughts are divine. Of course they are, I sure agree to the thought. But are they the only things that matter?

  • We sure think of a lot of things, if all the thoughts would matter, it would be a perfect pandemonium with so much to process and come to a conclusion with. But are they the only things that matter. Isn’t it what we do about it which matters?
  • Many a time I have seen people suffering around. It moves me, makes me feel I must do something to bring it to an end. But shamefully enough, that has been the extent of my thoughts. I haven’t pushed myself much to make it happen. The thought makes me feel better, gives me a gratification that I am a good man. But am I? If thought alone would matter, I would most certainly be.
  • Knowledge is a beautiful thing. Even more beautiful is action! Thoughts make a difference internally but what we do about the thoughts is what makes the actual difference. It is never the thought alone, it is action that makes the difference.
  • Agreed that neither has an independent existence, the thought leads to action providing a causal effect. But action is something which brings it all into balance. Mere thought alone never suffices.

Or like Rene Descartes says, we all have a beautiful mind, the question is how much we use it?!

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