Its A Wonderful Thing About Life, No Matter How Filthy Something Gets… Daily Quote

Daily Quote: 

“It’s a wonderful thing about life. No matter how filthy something gets, you can always clean it right up”

If you are wondering where you have heard this quote – well you are absolutely right, it is from Bruce Almighty when Bruce asks god for help. That particular quote at that moment somehow makes me stop each time and return with a smile.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing about life? No matter how bad something is, you can always take the first step to setting it right.

If I can remember a similar quote, it says – “It is never too late to do the right thing” and many others like that, but none of them have had a similar impact.

I think in our individual journeys, we all have screwed up, made some mistakes and wished we could set it right. Sometimes things seem very much in control and we can go and set it right immediately. But you got to be blessed for that.

Most times it so happens that life kinda gets complicated and we somehow push fixing things to a later day for any of the following reasons

– It seems very difficult today, maybe it will be easier tomorrow – Procrastination

– I don’t know how the other person will react, I am not too sure if they will take it well

– I don’t see how it is going to benefit me, why should I go through the pain for no reason at all.

– It happened so long ago, I don’t know how to make up to it.

And so on..

Well, all of these are very logical reasons and I would be the last person to question your reasons. But I would certainly question how you feel about these reasons.

Are these the reasons which leave you satisfied or do you usually find more reasons to tell yourself that you are right. I am not going to play the role of a philosopher here and say that you should never lie nor am I going to say that you should never wrong someone. There are lots of people telling you that. I am here only to ask you those questions about how you feel and what you can do about it.

All we are talking about here is your inner peace. Deep down, we both know that you feel like doing something at least if not everything, maybe a little something that doesn’t hurt you but yet gives you the peace of mind you have been looking for. Well, honestly it never is too late.

We all have a moral conscience within us and we like to answer to it. It is a beautiful thing indeed to know that we are sensitive to others and to the mistakes we have done in life. Making a mistake is not a big deal, like we said – we all screw-up and we all screw up big. That doesn’t really make much of a difference.

But what we do about it does. And that will always be our choice.

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