Its A Funny Thing About Life, If You Refuse To Accept Anything But The Best – Somerset Maugham Life Quote

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Somerset Maugham Life Quote:

“It is a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it”
– W. Somerset Maugham


This is perhaps my most favourite quote of all time and every time I have felt a little low or sad and wondered how to take my life ahead, amidst all these confusions and the daily demands – I look at this quote and a smile curves on my face.

We all have standards in life don’t we? We all have a definition as to what life means to us, how much money we deserve to make, the quality of relationships we have, the amount of social respect we command and so on. Each one of us have set standards for it and anything short of that makes us feel really miserable. We wrote a post on Setting Baseline Standards In Life – What we stand for and what we don’t and why setting those standards becomes extremely important. And we stand by each word of it cos if we don’t have a standard, we feel happy about literally everything. Although you may call it a happy soul and someone completely satisfied with life – I would ask you a question – then what about achievement and living up to your complete potential?

To be very honest, if we are not at all dissatisfied or disappointed with something or the other in our life at any point of time, then maybe we haven’t led our lives at all. We are bound to hit a wall, we are bound to reach a dead end and wonder why and where our life is headed. And that is exactly when our values or the so-called philosophies of life come into the picture. Philosophies are nothing but dry air if they do not have a purpose! And if you let them be, they will just be that – the words to be talked about at the altar and the words which don’t mean a thing.

And the philosophy of accepting nothing but the best in life – it is an amazing standard to live life by. This way we keep pushing ourselves to reach our best potential, it brings out a hunger within us which makes us achieve great things in life. All those great things which were once dreamed of were tested with bouts of disappointment – whether it was Einstein or Edison or even Newton. But they all did that one thing – they pushed through it, they knew that they were capable of getting more than what was offered by life to them – they decided to live to the  higher standards and look where we place them today? They are nothing short of the demigods of the world.

That being said, we don’t recommend you feeling bad all the time. As we always say – everything in life makes great sense only with a hint of moderation to it. In this case too, if you hit a wall and feel bad about it – by every means please do feel bad about it cos it acts as a great source of motivation and pushes you to what you truly believe in. However do not let that feeling overwhelm you or captivate you or even control you. Remember, the greatest power in this world is the knowledge of self and its use. The emotion which makes you feel sad has a purpose – to help you reach your goal. The moment it does anything else, identify it as a false signal and redirect it. And that is how you accept nothing but the best in life and that is the purpose of this Somerset Maugham Life Quote.

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4 thoughts on “Its A Funny Thing About Life, If You Refuse To Accept Anything But The Best – Somerset Maugham Life Quote

  1. Yes, i agree a 100%.. Seriously we want a lot of things but we end up settling for something. That gives us happiness maybe in the short run, bot not in the long run.

    1. Thank you Lance :). I think somehow we all do that for a few things. Although it is perfectly ok that we do them for the bits that are not a priority. But for the ones which are, it becomes a bit of a letdown if we accept anything and everything that comes our way. I mean in the mask of trying to keep ourselves happy we are limiting ourselves and our possibilities in life..

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