Is this a good World?

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The world is neither good nor evil, each man manufactures a world for himself!Β 


question cartoon, what is this world, world, good or bad?I have always wondered about the different lines of thoughts and different ideologies people have about the world. Some of them even say that the world is a reflection of who you are as a person. It reminds me of a story where a man was asked his view of the world and he says – “I am a beautiful man where as the world is a torrid place”. Another man said ” The world is a beautiful place and I am a horrible person”. There was one more person who said “Both me and the world are horrible” and the last one like you guess said – “I am beautiful and so is the world”. There is no mystery here, all of us would want to live in the last philosophy of thought where everything around us and even us are beautiful and life is an amazement in its own self.


If we consider the first two men or rather the first three, there is a clear pessimism in the voice, the tone and also the representation. If you look at them closely, each one of them points to a negative view of life and no matter what you do you are certainly going to be unhappy. If you believe that the world is good and you are not, it clearly shows the insecurity and also the lack of belief in oneself. If otherwise you say that you are good and the world is bad, it shows a clear haughtiness and arrogance with less respite from your surroundings. If you are the third type it says, there is no hope to this world and whatever I do is immaterial cos it is of no significance anyway and it doesn’t really matter.


Whereas the last one, the place where you and me want to be shows acceptance and a constant strive to feel the world the way it is and the opportunity to beautify it!


Now I certainly do not know what the world is, it maybe an evil place or it maybe an amazing place. But I would want to take it as it comes. There is beauty in a lot of things and there is disgrace in a lot others. I wouldn’t want to try and be an idealist trying to find the good in someone when they have a knife pointed at us. I don’t even want to be a fatalist who says nothing is in control and I just let everything go without any effort to make anything better.

perfect world, beautiful world cartoons, world is beautifulPERHAPS I CAN CHANGE MY WORLD IF NOT THE WHOLE WORLD

I guess the reality is perhaps a mix of the two, something which we can appreciate. The world is going to be a place as it is. Not much is going to change the way we look at it. But certainly our world is going to change. Our experiences are going to change and the way we approach the situations are going to change. Bottom line and the truth is that it is going to be the same but the way we look at it and the world we open ourselves to is going to be a choice.


So, as for the question if the world is evil, well do lemme know what you think! πŸ™‚


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20 thoughts on “Is this a good World?

  1. The world is a mixture of both good and evil, the latter being dominant. That’s my experience.

    1. Ha ha, thats a clever weaving Tomichan ;).. Yeah I guess the latter part is a little dormant. But people are pretty impressive their own lovely ways, esp when they find ways to wake up the dormant part πŸ™‚

  2. Perceptions versus Deceptions πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ very nice read. I enjoyed reading it now I am curious to read more insights from your many in a day? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ good wishes

    1. Aaah, that would have been a nice title, wish I had contacted you before I wrote this post ;).

      Ha ha, I am on a wide smile as I read this comment. As of now, we are doing about 1 post per day and have slowly shifted to 2 per day from the past few days. Hoping to make it 3 from the next month. Trying to bring in new stories. Poor people, how long will they see only my face and cartoons along with my silly analyses πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

      1. @Vinay- haha u can use this title for sequel to this post πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I have to catchup lots of reading over Indiblogger & lots to write & share my backlog too.Its feels like Gone in 60 seconds movie hahaha.

        1. He he he .. A sequel to this post ?! Now this sounds interesting ;)..

          Ha ha brilliant, will eagerly look forward to more of your writings .. Gone with the wind indeed πŸ˜‰

  3. I don’t think the world is good or bad, our mindset is!! We can find good in every bad circumstances & even bad in good circumstances.
    As Les Brown said, instead of saying I had a bad day, we can say I had a character building day.

    1. True true, happiness is a very interesting construct. And so many times it is so easy to miss out on them. Perhaps acknowledgement and a constant hunt within for this happiness may help πŸ™‚

  4. Buddy our world is surrounded by both good and bad types of things, people, and places as well. It is our own choice what we select out of them and stay with.

  5. As u know that my English is not well enough but any how I manage to read ur blog . u said a good thing the world looks a like as we want to see it . If we think that there is lot of negativity here u cant expect , even u cant find positivity and if u think vice versa u will really have a good atmosphere around u . very true and appreciative post .

    1. Hi Yogi, I always feel very proud whenever I read a comment from you. It really means that much :).

      I have often thought of it Yogi, the world as a mirror which reflects every emotion we feel. We feel happy, we look at all the good things in the world and if we are sad we look at all the events in the world which are bad. If there is a way to control and start seeing the good things, then it is brilliant! I know it is very hard to follow and infact many things are but that is the beauty of it, following it makes us all the more special and unique :).

      Thank you Yogi, as always it is a delight to hear from you : )

  6. World is neither good nor bad. Its we the people who are bad and makes this beautiful world the worst place to live!

  7. I feel it all depends on how we look at it. There’s bad in all good and good in all bad. It would be a happier place if we could practice doing the later.
    Worth pondering though πŸ™‚

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