Is there something called destiny?

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A friend asked me this question today! The first thought I had in mind was – “You are the creator of your own destiny! There is nothing called destiny, you shape the world the way you want it and nothing comes in front of your indomitable spirit”. Well, you know where this is coming from – too much of involvement in the motivational quotes :P. But then I thought let me think about it a little.

All the while we have talked about destiny and dreams. Some quotes have talked about your dreams defining your destiny where as there are quotes on an 180 parallel which say when you don’t realize your dreams, you reach your destiny. And I find it quite challenging to take sides, both of them seem so true to me and both of them seem a little absurd at the same time. How can two conflicting thoughts exist at the same time – Isn’t it an established thought that “Two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time”. Well perhaps not!

Lets try and look at the first one with an idea that – We shape our own destiny! Nothing comes our way, we define who we are and we define our goals, our dreams and aspirations and cut down every other possibility of a definition in life. It’s a beautiful standard to live by, gives us the confidence we need, the motivation to keep pushing and the faith to move mountains. It is simply one of the best thoughts ever!

At the same time, if I look at the other quote, not achieving your dreams lead you towards your destiny! That kinda makes me give a weird expression, especially after defending the thought above, this is something which offers a completely opposite view! But trying to understand this further, it leads me somewhere, it is probably in the definition of dream and destiny. Most times although we have used it interchangeable, I somehow see a difference between the two now.

I guess when we are focused completely on one thing and that one thing means everything in our life, it is the dream, it is something we live for, something that makes us feel alive, that something which makes life an extraordinary affair. It literally gives us everything we ever hoped for. It is a fantastic feeling and I think we should keep having that as often as possible.

But if you look at destiny, it is an even more magical world! It is a combination of these dreams which define you as a person, make you who you are. In the path of our lives, there certainly are some dreams which we have achieved, some which we haven’t been lucky enough to be blessed with. But something did not change throughout, something that was the sheer magic of who you are, it is that individuality, that fragrance and the very essence of you which makes you THE PERSON. And that is destiny, more simplistically said, DESTINY is nothing but who you are and what you become. It is way more powerful than the dream, it is that indomitable spirit which brings all these dreams together and defines the very fibre of who you are!

To summarize, there certainly is something called destiny and it is all you! 


11 thoughts on “Is there something called destiny?

  1. Yes, I too believe that there is something called as destiny. But I don’t force others to believe it, as I do believe that these are something in which every one is free to think as per themselves.

    1. Very true Alok, more so, belief is a choice and people always believe what they want to no matter what we try to say, best thing is to leave it alone with them. They know what works best for them 🙂

  2. I do believe in fate…or destiny as you mention it here. With logic you can argue anything…but destiny defies logic. Where we are, what we do, who we are, what is going to be is all preordained. only..we don’t know it. Which is why people believe astrology. And even astrology can be fooled by fate. I have seen instances where fate has blinded astrologers into telling someone that 2 horoscopes match and was good for marriage. In the end the couple got divorced and are happily settled with other partners. That first marriage had to happen…it was decided. nothing can change that. All that and karma adds its bit 🙂 its all very exciting!! I know your view point is different from mine..still…this instance is just an example. interesting post 🙂

    1. Thank you Preethi :). I am usually quite confused about definition of things Preethi, sometimes I even wonder if anything has a set meaning at all. It feels as though we are complicating our lives by trying to define so many things. The way I see it, sometimes calling an emotion comfortable or uncomfortable might itself be enough :).

      Sorry that I digress, but coming to the thought, it is really quite funny how things have panned out and how people explain them :D. And it is so true, I am a very firm believer of logic and even a firmer believer of emotions which define logic. Perhaps destiny is stronger than both! 🙂

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