Is it so difficult to create opportunities?

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To hell with circumstances!

I have always felt, IF ONLY I had a little more control over the circumstances and the outcomes, life would have been so much more beautiful. Imagine, no challenges, nothing to hold you back, whatever you do is met by sheer success and everytime you don’t have to worry or be afraid whether something is going to work out or not. But alas, we do not live in a perfect world, things will screw up, not everything happens as per the plan! Probably that is the way it has to be, if things are too easy, maybe we won’t respect them to that level either.

But the real question would be, how much do we let the circumstances control us? It kinda reminds me of a phrase – “Don’t let the trouble trouble you, trouble the trouble. cos I guess no matter what we do, there shall be troubles, challenges, some which we can handle right away and some which need a further expertise. There doesn’t seem to be a way to be getting over them at ease and the only way seems to be getting through them. Looking at the quote above, I think sometimes we just have to do that, circumstances are not something which are in our control, they will always be there and maybe not in the friendliest of ways. But does that mean we are going to let them control our dreams/aspirations/goals and our idea of what we want out of life? Well, if we do, that is all life is going to be, not what you want it to. But if you don’t and want to create your own destiny, maybe it is time to say – TO HELL WITH CIRCUMSTANCES!



4 thoughts on “Is it so difficult to create opportunities?

  1. That’s so positive again. Well, how boring life would get if there weren’t any difficulties and troubles. They create us. And I also believe that one could change the circumstances with the true spirits and efforts. Nice post.

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