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Tired of people telling you – YOU CAN DO THIS?! YOU CAN WIN but can’t really tell how? Maybe it might help to take counsel of a few books.

I can’t recommend this book enough, one of the best books ever about taking control of your emotional, physical and financial life

A beautiful book with very practical solutions as to our social lives and how to actually influence people with complete honesty

Rated amongst the top books for attributes which make life an astounding success, it offers a comparative study of how attributes shape us.

A book which talks about change, how to anticipate it, acknowledge it and even cherish it, all entailed in the form of a simple story.

Richness is not about money, perhaps it is about money but that which is controlled by a state of mind. Riches are not that hard to acquire

Do thoughts influence us? Do they make a difference? What if the thoughts rule us and what if we rule them? A point to ponder!

Positive thinking is not about saying that there are no difficulties, there will be, it is about accepting them and looking at the brighter side and training oneself how to acknowledge, appreciate and solve the challenges

The limits and challenges are the ones we impose on ourselves, what if we start looking beyond them? Maybe life can start opening different doors for us.

If you think you have a wound in your life, a wound which cannot be nourished by the externalities outside, maybe it is time to start looking inward

Consciously we all know how to take control of our thoughts, atleast to a certain extent, what if we were to exert to the subconscious as well? Maybe the thought process gets simpler?

True magic is everywhere and the only source being you, it is all about bringing it out, proving yourself that the divinity of magic is all alive

 This is just a set of books we found useful, please do let us know if you think we need to add a few more to the list. Happy to 🙂

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