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A set of books on dreams, dreamers and the people who are a perpetual source of inspiration

A beautiful fable of dreams, possibilities and chasing a treasure which we all can relate to at a certain essence of our lives

The author talks beautifully about achieving one’s childhood dreams, the road blocks along the way and how dreams grow along with us.

The journey of a man whose beliefs led him to quit college, start something on his own and become an icon that is amongst the most revered in the world.

A book about the dream of a mid 20 boy who didn’t want to be a regular software engineer and went on to become something more. A lifestyle which most of us want to be at and find something holding us back.

A short story and a very powerful way about a seagull wanting to flex its wings, isn’t that all what we are as well.

A book about the journey of 20 odd people who quit their high paying jobs and degrees to go after their dreams and created a destiny

The story of our beloved Abdul Kalam, a life of dreams, passions and endurance which defines a pathway.

A collection of 20 stories of social entrepreneurs who braved the odds and went ahead to make that something happen.

A book which talks about adventures of life, the incidentality of your dreams and how it all adds up in the larger picture.

An instruction manual, right from defining a dream to creating a plan and making it happen.

I am sure we might have missed a few, it would be great if you could add to the list 🙂


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