Inspirational Quote: The Greatest Mistake We Will Ever Make In Life Is Living In Constant Fear That We Will Make One

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The Greatest mistake we will ever make


The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.

Continuing our tradition of the quote of the day, today’s quote is all about the fear, the fear that we do a mistake, the fear that makes us think twice about committing to something, the fear that keeps us in  the comfort zone – basically the fear that pulls us down and anchors us to a state of helplessness.

We have always been staunch supporters of mistakes in life and as per the motto goes, we always say that – make mistakes but make them quick. That way, you will have enough time to repair these mistakes and they don’t become overwhelming.

Fear is not unreal, it is not fake

We all are afraid, we are afraid of change, we are afraid of the unknown, we are afraid of the uncertainty and sometimes we are afraid of the certainty as well. Life never promised us that it would be easy, but it did promise to be very exciting and I am pretty sure we all have had our share of excitement so far and it continues to be so!

Time and again we are faced with challenges, some of which are very daunting and some of which stop us in our tracks and we begin to wonder what to do. Fear is a very natural phenomenon. We are not going to preach you to get rid of fear. We are not going to tell you that it is fake. We are going to talk about how to overcome fear. We did make an elaborate post on How to overcome fear in 11 practical steps which will be of great help to get your affairs in order.

Coming to the question – Why are we afraid, what is the meaning of fear, how does it affect us, how can we make our lives better and finally how can I use this fear to reach my goals?

We have always stated that the questions hold the key to our lives and these are the questions we will try and answer today.

Fear Meaning:

The dictionary meaning of fear is pretty simple and straight forward. It says fear is an unpleasant emotion, caused by danger, threat or harm. Fear is something we have all faced and it means different to each one of us. Some of us are afraid that we won’t be able to live our dreams. Some are afraid about their career path, some about their relationships and some as to where their next meal is coming from.

We are not going to compare fears and judge as to which one is bigger or scarier. We will be evaluating them all in the same scale for the final point of this post is to get over that fear and make sure we use it to our advantage than falling prey to it. Although fear means these many things, another way of looking at fear and its meaning is – An opportunity, a warning, a feedback and a chance to start anew. I know that this sounds a bit ideal but bear with me, we are going to touch the practical aspect soon.

The purpose of fear.

This becomes extremely important for all of us who really want to overcome this fear. Why is the fear present in your life? What is the fear trying to tell you?

Stay clear from the answers which lead to why me? Don’t ever doubt your capacity. You have it in you to chase your dreams in full gusto. But you got to believe in that. Unless you believe in yourself, no matter what we say or what we try to do here, it will all go into thin air. So please don’t ask questions like these – Am I capable, Is life fair, Why is it so much easier to my neighbor. Those answers are not going to lead you anywhere good. They are going to kill you more than your actions ensuing from that.

Understand what the fear is trying to tell you, its meaning and its purpose. It is after all a feedback.

Fear of making a mistake

Mistake [Sony PSP]None of us like to fail. It is a  horrible feeling to fail. Although we talked in length about why we badly need a failure in life, it is an undisputable fact that we all hate it quite strongly. And none of us would ever want to be there cos it is a run of emotions and none of them are going to make us smile.

In the rush to prevent ourselves from feeling that pain of failure and rejection and what not, we try to avoid circumstances which lead us to a failure. We tend to avoid taking risks cos we can eliminate uncertainty and the hurt if things go wrong. But in the process we miss out on the adventurous spirit which drives us. Not that we do it all consciously but we all tend to do it somehow. Somehow it just doesn’t feel worth the pain to get out of the comfort zone. Somehow it feels a little annoying to put ourselves through all that anguish in case something goes wrong.

As a result of this, we simply pick up the next best choice, the one which appears less risky and the one we might not like as much as we like the former. I am not here to be judging your choice. But I am here to ask you that one question – what makes you really happy?

If you are avoiding a risk and going to a safer option, are you not running the risk of not following what means the most to you and instead focusing and rather settling down for a lower standard in life? We had referred to standards in life and how strongly they influence the quality of our lives. As Tony Says

“You need to set a baseline standard for your life”

And if you or I don’t do it, if you or I settle down for what comes our way, we might still try and rationalize we are happy and probably the entire world will believe in that as well. The question is WILL YOU?

And that is our quote of the day. Stay tuned in for more..

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13 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote: The Greatest Mistake We Will Ever Make In Life Is Living In Constant Fear That We Will Make One

  1. True…the fear is always there and it often prevents us from doing the things we want to do from our hearts…

    1. True maniparna, I guess that’ll be there with us eternally, the best thing perhaps is to consciously get out of the comfort zone and try it out just for the sake of it..

  2. Fear baag gaya…reading this was like drinking…Mountain Dew….Darr kae agae jeet hain…just kidding..
    But truly reading your article really help me think about other side of the coin..
    Thanks n keep writing….

    1. He he he 😀 .Thank you Mayuresh. Happy that the post helped. I think we all miss out on a different angle, probably cos we all have a lot to deal with. Sometimes all we need is to just step back a little and look at ourselves and we realize that there is so much to conquer in life 🙂

  3. Fear is essential and to overcome is also essential for growth. Some times Fear stops you from taking risk. However if you over come this, there is always a great hope of growth

  4. In my case it’s vulnerability which is somehow related to fear. Fear of contradictory factor or rejection, but yup rising above that and just moving forward will clarify out everything. it is far better than holding self back and keep on regretting for rest of the future. Well defined post Vinay 🙂

    1. I think even I do that Tara, I hate that fear of rejection and end up justifying myself a lot more than necessary. Sometimes it becomes such an obsession that it becomes too hard to step out and look at the real problem which needs real solution.

      But I guess this whole process of life is a journey between these emotional challenges and turmoil. The faster we get through these, the better we get at life I guess.

  5. Fear of making a mistake….that comes from being constantly conscious that we may err. As always I really liked your interpretation 🙂

    1. Thank you Shweta :).. I think we all have that at some level and it comes out at different stages. Sometimes just being a little conscious about it really helps a lot.

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