Inspirational Quote: Patience Is Not The Ability To Wait, But How You Act While You Do

Inspirational Quotes: Patience In Life
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“Patience Is Not The Ability To Wait, But How You Act While You Are Waiting”

I have always hated it when someone has asked me to be patient in life and have wondered how and why it is so easy for someone to ask us to be patient irrespective of how they behave. But what is this patience in life? Why is this patience  a virtue? And what is the loss if we are not?

Well, all the books I have read, all the preachers have told us to maintain patience in life as we surge ahead. But in a fast paced like ours, sometimes it becomes damn hard to wait. And patience in its essence or as per the dictionary definition is the capacity to accept delay or tolerate problems. I think we all do that, but there is a BUT – it is tolerating it without being perturbed or annoyed or anxious in the process. And it certainly is very hard not to do that. It is extremely challenging to be that saintly person where nothing affects us and we go on doing what we do cos the only thing that is in our control is our actions and our efforts – paraphrasing the essence of Karmayoga here.

But how do we do it, we all know that patience is that ability to wait for things to happen the way we want. Or maybe patience is the maturity to understand that things happen the way they do sometimes and we just have to wait our turn. It is no wonder or a cause of concern that we will be challenged in our path and we will be denied over and over again. But we can’t let that affect us can we? Forget patience or anything else, let us strip down to the essence of who we are and how things work for us. For now, let us cast aside the word patience since it sounds a bit flowery for the discussion at this moment.

Let us call it an unpleasant situation, the more we get perturbed by it, the more time we spend on getting agitated and our actions from there do not reflect where we want to go. Instead it will be a sheer knee-jerk reaction to the events happening around us. Or we are just letting the control of our lives in the hands of the situation or the person or the environment which is a game we play to lose to start with. I am not going to sit and preach here and talk about the so-called patience in life.

We are just talking about what we want and how we go about getting there. People may call it patience or character or endurance or even perseverance. For us, all that matters is the answer to this question – how badly you want something and how far you are willing to go to make that happen. The more time and energy we focus on answering these questions, the closer we are headed to our results.

For patience or success or any other word we give this, we are all headed somewhere and that somewhere better be good and in our control 🙂

And that was today’s quote, stay tuned in for more.

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  1. Completely in sync with the thought expressed in the post Vinay. Your attitude in dealing with the not so comfortable situations in life is representative of your patience and resilience/

    • Thank you Somali! Indeed, I think attitude is grossly underrated. People are so busy making money, creating a social image, investing and so on that somewhere the truth is being masked and not enough is being done to bring out the real aspect of people. Somehow that makes me respect the notion of stress a lot. It is about true character and patience’s real test and real virtue is when someone is put to test like this and when patience is tested!

  2. Nice post. Like meekness is not weakness, patience is not necessarily lack of initiative. One can patiently lay in wait for the opportune moment all prepared.

    • Thanks Abhijit. I truly believe in that, weakness, incapacity are all just the phases of life and how we respond to them makes a lot of difference in our lives. These things can either hit us hard or make us hit back at our challenges hard. Patience can also be that action and agitation which brings out the true character in us.

  3. Woah! Such an awesome quote buddy. I mean I got the entire picture just by the trailer. How you act while the waiting period, expresses a lot about a person… if you really want to know him/her, cuz at that moment all the internal characteristics comes out fairly clear. Also, one needs to be patient for let the iron to be hot before hitting it. Got the point yeah?

    • Thank you Tara. Indeed, I loved the quote the moment I saw it and no wonder it ended up as the quote of the day at Inspire99. I think I had read something very similar. It said
      “When you squeeze an orange,only orange juice comes out, nothing else”
      Similarly when you squeeze or stress a person, truth comes out. I guess it is almost on the same lines here..

  4. I don’t think patience could have been defined any better.. Kudos
    M a regular reader of your blog and I am able to link most of d things of ur posts wid my life..
    Thanxx a ton.. For such fabulous posts

    • Thank you Shubham. I am happy to know that we are able to reosnate with your thoughts and values of life through our posts. It has always been an aspiration of mine to reach out to the real thoughts and the real challenges and hopefully add some value in the process. I am really very happy to see this 🙂