Being Realistic Is The Most Common Path To Mediocrity – Will Smith

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Being Realistic:

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” Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity”

– Will Smith

I have always had a liking to Will Smith’s ideologies and this one in particular has a nice ring to it.

What is the one common advice you have heard all your life when you told your friends or family about your dreams, passions and ideals? I know what I have heard


I don’t know why people attach a fair bit of sophistication towards being realistic and how much of a difference that makes in life. And I have heard variations of it

– BE REALISTIC – that happens only in movies

– BE REALISTIC – You are not that capable, nor are you a genius

– BE REALISTIC – Things don’t happen as per your imagination.

Thing is – I really know that things are not going to happen the way I imagined them to be, nor are they going to happen the way I like. There will always be a variation to it and things will be different. But letting that affect our imagination of the goal is really a poor choice.

I mean, if we don’t have that inspirational drive within ourselves, if we do not have that belief of doing something out of the ordinary, we are never going to go out of the norms, we will be doing what everyone else is doing and we will be cursing how everyone else is.

And on the retirement bed we think

“Gosh I had so much of potential, why did I not take that risk? Why did I hold myself back?”

And is the thought of despair or disappointment? – Well either of them don’t matter cos it is not going to bring any changes in us, it is going to be a lament.

But then again, we need to learn to step out of the society and its norms. We need to tell ourselves that even though we live in the society and are a major part of it, we are not letting that pull us down from our dreams.Our dreams maybe unrealistic, but that doesn’t make it impossible. All the greatest achievements in the world like airplanes, medicines, food, scientific inventions were once thought to be impossible and even discouraged completely. But that did not deter the trend setters from doing something about it.

Being realistic most often is used as an excuse these days and a very good one at that. But if that was all its purpose, no one in this world has enough patience to sit and listen to the excuses. At some  point even we will realize that it is high time that we stop bluffing and talk about the truth and accept as to why we did not attempt something.

And we do not have to wait for the retirement day to do that, we can chase the unreal and add the realistic dimension to it. We need to have those big dreams, we need to aim for those stars – not just cos they are shiny but they really matter a lot to us.

Being realistic surely is one of the most average goals we can ever have in life and these were our thoughts on the quote critic. Please do share us your ideas about the quote and any other you wish to be discusssed here. Would love to hear from you 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Being Realistic Is The Most Common Path To Mediocrity – Will Smith

  1. Good one. We usually justify our failures with the assumption that our goal is unrealistic and not based on our lazyness or wrong strategy adopted.

    1. THank you Joesph. I think it is a safe rationalisation for us to make when we say it is unrealistic because it gives us a good solid reason not to try out. I guess the choice is between how badly we want to do something, the choice is between a wish and a passion. Maybe that is where the entire difference lies.

  2. I am an Optimist….similar to you….and my optimism boost up after reading your thoughts….No goal is unrealistic…only thing matters is the value of the goal for you…….thks

    1. Thank you Mayuresh 🙂 .. I agree, no goal is unrealistic, only our thinking makes it so.. In other words I remember another quote – whether you think you can or you think you cannot – you are right ! ..

      So much power to the power of will and determination ..

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