Most People spend More Time Planning A Party Than Life – The Purpose Of Life, Planning, Society And More

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Inspirational Quote:

-Most People Spend More Time Planning A [iPhone]“Most People Spend More Time Planning A Party Or A Vacation Than Planning Their Own Lives”

The grand plan for life – sounds pretty great right? If I pose the philosophical question

  • – What is your purpose in Life
  • – What are the values you stand for?
  • – How do you ensure that you live for these? – What is your plan?

These are all quite deeper questions. Most of them pretend not to have these thoughts at all. I somehow don’t tend to believe that. I life to believe that we all are here for a reason and our own unique purposes and sometimes the purpose is just to discover the journey of who we are and what we want to do with our lives.

We are not here to live a life which the society or our ancestors defined for us or planned for us. We are people with a brain and enough resources to think and plan our lives accordingly. Above all, we are people who have choices and the intellect to make good of them.

Being Practical In Life

Having said this, the above quote holds a lot of water here. It so happens that most of us, even though we get these questions about planning in life, purpose in life and so on, we are trained by the society and the environment around us to neglect these voices and to focus on what is “PRACTICAL”. Honestly, I am fed up this word – practical or realistic. Sometimes I just feel that it is just a reason and a justification given by a coward who was not man enough to listen to his own inner voice.

Society And You

The society is an interesting structure. We have always talked about you being the leader instead of the meek follower of the society or the people around you. We have talked about how it is important to occupy that centre stage in order to make that difference your life deserves. And we stand by it and are going to stand by it for a long time. Your inner voice, your inner purpose is the true voice you have which keeps telling you what you want to do with your life.

Your society tells you to make money, society tells you to plan your investments and sometimes it even tells you to marry someone only cos it makes business sense. But none of these is your inner voice – this is just what the society feels about your life and it is happily offering you suggestions when you don’t really ask for it. That is one reason we always say that there should be a hearing cost for the suggestions and advices :P.

Planning your Life

Enough said, I think we both know what we are trying to push here through this quote. The grand plan for your life. Our previous post – Goal Setting : 8 Golden Rules To Ensure Long Term Success dealt with how we plan out the most important aspects of our lives. But before we get to the how, I think we have also established why it is so important in life.

I was listening to Anthony Robbins- Get The Edge Program where he clearly defines the different metrics of life – Physical, Emotional, Relationship, Business and Finance and how important these all are in becoming a part of who we are. Our plan for life should involve these aspects, we need to know where to go in all these aspects, we need to imagine and picture ourselves doing that. And it is fairly easy, all we need to do is find an answer to the big picture questions for life

  •  The true Purpose
  •  Why it means a lot to you.

The planning aspect is much easier than it sounds. Our goal setting article linked above will definitely help you with the how. But this post is purely about the why and that answers a lot for planning your life.

Having said all these, we urge for a broad plan in life, a life with a meaning and a purpose.

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16 thoughts on “Most People spend More Time Planning A Party Than Life – The Purpose Of Life, Planning, Society And More

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the quote 😛 the proof of it lies in the status updates in various social networking sites…. 😀

    1. He he he 😀 .. I loved the quote and it is so true as well. I mean we have seen so many of them do it and occasionally we too. I guess the universality of the quote speaks for itself 🙂

    1. He he he he 😀 . Well, planning certainly is an important aspect. However very little happens as per the plan doesn’t it? It is a great way to know where we are headed and that needs a plan. But the how can always evolve and change as per the outcomes and our priorities in life.

  2. Vinay, people are so scared of not having money, they advise you to take decisions with money at the center. As for planning parties? Well, sadly, most people tend to live by the notion of their status in others’ eyes instead of focusing on the purpose of their lives.

    1. It is so unfortunate that it is true Lata. It is so unfortunate that money has become the most important aspect of life. I pay my due respect for money and I do concur that money makes life very much easier. But there are so many other things that are even more valuable. We have never supported not having money, but that as the only standard in life is one of the poorest to have and also the laziest one!
      And to know how BIG a role the society place is an even more painful aspect!

  3. Great article Vinay. I remember attending a workshop few months back and trainer asked the question about purpose of life to various attendees. I remember almost 80% of them said to ‘own a house’. Last week, few employees in my office were planning for a vacation. While someone asked him about which place they are planning to go & why – answer was ‘because it provides best natural surroundings for a photo shoot’. Though each person has his own way of leading the life, but yes, we should always remember what our true goal of life is? What I want to achieve in this life apart of fulfilling my personal/professional duties? If not done yet, this needs to be self-defined & practice upon regularly in daily life to lead to that ultimate goal.

    1. Thank you Vishal :). He he 😀 that’s such a pathetic and a common answer that it almost makes me gasp out loud and shout at them – “Get a life”. It goes on to show how strongly the society influences their thoughts and what their priorities in life are and undobtedly they are all placed in a wrong place. True Vishal, more than anything else in the world, we need to understand who we are and what we stand for. Granted that these answers take time and keep changing, it is beautiful to be introspecting cos we are atleast headed towards an answer instead of just going along with the flow.

    1. Thank you my friend. Welcome aboard to Inspire99 :). Mostly in the busy stature of our lives, some of these deeper questions take a backseat. Not that any of it is wrong, but knowing where we want to go really simplifies the journey we are headed for.

  4. Most of philosophical questions you mentioned in the beginning of the post have often popped in my mind and I often found it hard to get answers for these questions. I like it that you have thrown more light on planning aspect in life..which most us fail to do. Very thoughtful post Vinay 🙂

    1. Thank you Najm. Great to see you :). I guess these thoughts are probably a bit universal and we all think about the big picture in life, where we are headed and so on. And they all make so much sense when they connect together. Maybe that is the beauty of life, finding ways to connect our experiences and passions to something productive and sensible 🙂

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