#illridewithyou: The Response of Australians To Terrorism

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#illridewithyou: Here is The Response of Australians

It’s a terror strike day for Australia. People from every country for the world wished the a hostage crisis in Sydney to get over as soon as possible. What good can you expect in a day which has given so much of terror and trauma. Well, before you think about all the bad things that happened in Australia, here is something which will restore the faith of love and generosity of this beautiful country.

Amidst all day’s alarming fear, something happened which gave birth to #illridewithyou.

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In Australia, Rachael Jacobs was travelling in train on the same dreadful day. She noticed the woman sitting beside her, she was a Muslim.

Imagine yourself in Rachael’s place. You now know that the gunman who seized the cafe in Australia is a Muslim, you saw the gunman forcing the hostages to hold up the religious flag message and now  you notice the woman beside you belonging to the same religion. What would you do? Curse her and her religion as much as you could? pass an abusive comment? or move to another seat with fear? Here is what Rachael Jacob’s did. She noticed the woman beside her removing her hijab slowly(mostly with the fear of backlash by localities) . After the train stopped Rachael ran after the woman at the train station and told “put it back on. I’ll walk with u.” The woman wearing the hijab burst into tears, hugged Rachael and later walked off.

We all can understand what the woman in hijab might feel when she learns that some person of her religion is spreading religious messages with terror acts. She wants to tell you that her religion doesn’t ask for this, her God never asked people to do this, she doesn’t want you to backlash her, her beliefs are totally different from these people yet they give the same name for it and make her feel guilty. She wants to tell you not to be afraid of her and people of her religion, not to see them with that suspicious eye, not to hate them. She wants to tell you much more if only you tried listening to her silent words.

What Rachael did was one of the most generous acts. She restored the faith of security in that woman. Many Australians are putting tweets and facebook posts with #illridewithyou hashtag. They are reaching out to people of all communities and spreading the message of love. They are reaching out their voices to support the community emotionally. Australians have done it again. They are showing us how generous and loving they are. Isn’t this one of the kindest gestures of goodwill and love?

Here are a few tweets of people who spreading their goodness.

#illridewithyou, illridewithyoustory , sydney, australia, sydneyhostageseize

#illridewithyou, illridewithyoustory , sydney, australia, sydneyhostageseize

#illridewithyou, illridewithyoustory , sydney, australia, sydneyhostageseize

12 thoughts on “#illridewithyou: The Response of Australians To Terrorism

  1. Kind write up, Vidya. 🙂
    It reminds me of the movie “My name is Khan”
    And terrorists are terrorists. They have nothing to do with religion. See the following incident of Pakistan….

  2. Honestly, I too believe that you cannot blame a religion for such incidents. After all what had happened in Peshawar is a proof of the same that the terrorists don’t even consider religions. What I personally feel is that terrorists don’t have any religion, and to blame a religion just because there are a few terrorist from that particular religion is a crime.

    We should understand that there are good and bad people in every religion. We should never humiliate any people who is not at all involved in such things, simply because he or she is having some religion…

    Nice post Vidyashree…

  3. If Australians have behaved that way they really have shown maturity (Americans should learn from them). Terrorists are not religious people. They can’t be. But I don’t understand and really curious to know why they come from a particular community/religion. I think we need to delve deeper into the problem to stop and eliminate terrorism.

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