If nobody can stop them, can we be that NOBODY?

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The moment I saw this picture, I realized it is definitely something I would love to share…

A couple of days ago I was at a historical monument with my friends. We were a little unhappy as we aren’t allowed to take pictures. Appreciating the art we often gasped “Awwh beautiful! I wish they let cameras inside.”  As we walked ahead our eyes caught the flash. That was surprising… “Isn’t Photography prohibited!?!” We were disturbed to see 3 to 4 people taking pictures from their mobile phones, most of them looked very sophisticated and I was further shocked to see a mother forcing her son to capture a picture quick.

Unsure  about how to react we moved further. We thought we would better complain to the policemen. As we turned around to find him we were upset to notice the policemen was seeing everything happening and didn’t bother to take any action. Deep within us THE RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN woke up. We warned few people, but they didn’t receive it well. It’s not easy to take criticism, not for us too. Many thoughts were running in our minds – couldn’t they see the board?  How dare they react like this breaking rules? Lets walk away! We shouldn’t have warned them! Probably its not our business! Nobody can stop them! NOBODY!

We walked ahead with our so called helplessness to stop. One of my friend walked to a boy taking a picture , showed him a CCTV camera and said “Beware buddy! eyes are on you!” The boy slipped his phone inside and we didn’t find him taking it out again. That was a clever way of warning someone. No matter how well we know we are wrong, its not easy to accept it when someone points out. Sure communication is an art 🙂 This makes me feel how much constructive criticism is important in life.

When people didn’t react to our warnings we decided that its not our duty anymore. I guess we do face many such situations where we feel helpless to handle it , we fail to make an effort thinking things could go worse but what I got today was more than an experience, It’s the sense of responsibility . When people say no one can stop things ,we subconsciously accept it without realizing that we missed our chance.

If Nobody can stop things then LETS BE NOBODY!!


Are we responsible for what we don’t do as well? 



10 thoughts on “If nobody can stop them, can we be that NOBODY?

  1. Thats well said. We should all be that nobody at some point of our life.
    No matter how well we know we are wrong, its not easy to accept it when someone points out. We are afraid to learn from our mistakes and we are afraid of someone pointing out our mistakes.
    People need to change and they wont change until and unless someone makes them to change. But hardly we realize that fact though!!

    1. Thank you Krishna :). I agree, we are afraid to learn from our mistakes and sometimes we are even more afraid to accept our mistakes and even more to forgive them as well. Like you said, we all have to be that NOBODY sometime in our lives, if not for others, for ourselves. We all need that surge of energy 🙂

  2. Nice article. You rightly pointed out that many a time we may not like what is happening around us, but we do not know how to point out in a clever manner.

    1. Thank you Abhijit :). True, I guess most times it is hard to write a definition for things happening around us. Maybe its for the best or else lot more unnamed emotions would have cropped up making it harder to decipher 🙂

  3. Loved the cctv idea…maybe we can carry around a few dummy ones to scare people. Fear and threat work beautifully in such situations…. 🙂 enjoyed this post 🙂

    1. Ha ha Preethi 😀 Thank You. The idea of dummy ones might work well.We were thinking about capturing pictures of the ones who break traffic signals, I am sure this will scare them off wondering whats happening

    2. 😀 😀 he he, the dummy ones is a brilliant idea. We have a dummy one of the king in the palace, maybe we can add a few of the guards as well, some with menacing looks as well. I am sure we can find some models 😉 😀

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