If a product is cheap, does it mean it is of a lower quality?

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I was recently trying to buy poker chips to play and was on Flipkart  trying to decide which ones to pick up. The list offered me a wide range starting from only one product at Rs.675/- and the rest beyond Rs.2,000/-. Truth be told, I was very inclined at the 675 one since I am not a regular nor a passionate player but I do enjoy playing it. My idea was quite clear, I needed something which was not too expensive but something of a decent quality as well.

Looking at the choices although my inclination was at the 675 one, I was wondering whether I should really pick it up. I called a couple of my friends and asked them what the best decision could be and as always got conflicting answers. Some said I should pick the more expensive one cos the quality is assured and the other said it is wise to pick the 675 one since it serves the needs. That is why I think we should involve more people in decision making, it accentuates the confusion we already have 😀

Seeing the standard prices, I naturally assumed that since this was just about 30% of the standard ones, it must be of a lower quality. I didn’t even spare time reading the reviews or trying to understand why it was priced lower. All I knew or what I thought I knew was that this must be of a cheaper quality since it is priced low. I mean does pricing play such a huge role on our decision making?

I finally caved in and realized for the actual needs I have, the lower quality one might just serve the purpose and ordered it. Turns out, it is not that bad after all, it really does serve the purpose. But what amazes me in the entire process is that, why does an external factor affect our decision making so much? I mean I knew what I had to buy, I even knew the price range but as soon as I see the choices, my mind starts wavering. I actually found something in the range I was looking for and I spent about an hour deciding and convincing myself why I should pick up the less expensive one.

So much for a firm decision making right? 😉



3 thoughts on “If a product is cheap, does it mean it is of a lower quality?

  1. this kinda situation i face every time i try to buy something . u put it well and most of the time ,i come across my true self and the strength of my prioritisation , ability to stick onto the one needed the most than to the one desired. every time i improve as a decision maker . vinay , i guess ,the best and the most difficult thing in the life is not knowing what one want but what one does not need..

    1. He he thanks Phani, I thought I was the only one. I realize I have company 😉 .. I agree knowing what not to have is very important too. It does reduce the number of choices. But the only thing that can divert us is that the things we don’t need are damn attractive to resist ! 😀

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