I Know Where I am Going, I Know The Truth, I am Free – Muhammad Ali

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“I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.”

– Muhammad Ali

After a long time, we are back again writing on the quotes and debating our thoughts and your views on them to find a way to make things more comprehensible. And I would really like a restart with the quote from Muhammad Ali. It is quite a straight forward one from a man who knows what he wants out of his life, has his conviction about the way he wants it and is focussed to go ahead in that direction. And I am sure most of us have been in that place.

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Something really funny about being in that place is the crazy amount of suggestions and unwarranted advices we get about how to go about things in life. Well, I am no angel, I will be upright and tell you that I have been there and given unwarranted stupid advices to people and I really wish I could take it all back. But the thing is, sometimes there is a greater learning when you are at the receiving and then you remember the worldy wise words which say – Don’t do something unto someone which you don’t want to be done for you!

And that leaves me here with the advices and the liberty some people take to give us their sweet, careless advices and then have the nerve to follow up on those and ask us how we are going about them! Well, I bet this will be a very good answer to such people following the cue from Muhammad Ali and saying that you really know what you want to do – Of course the best way is to let your silence do the job for you. But if that doesn’t work, you can have Muhammad Ali to the rescue.

And the truth is that we will always have these people no matter what we do in life. And we will have more number of these people when you are doing something different from the proven path. There will be hundreds of them trying to get you back on the ‘Track’ and to the ‘One true path’ they believe in. These are the times where you wish you were deaf and could not let them influence you. Well, maybe that is what we exactly need to do, turn that deaf ear to these people and go ahead with what you think works the best for you.

Thing is, life is really short to waste on the stupid advice of some silly people ;).

And that is our quote of the day. We will be back with more, but none of this is ever complete without your thoughts below, even if it is just a thumbs up or a thumbs down, we would love to hear from you.

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Vinay Nagaraju

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4 thoughts on “I Know Where I am Going, I Know The Truth, I am Free – Muhammad Ali

  1. We have to strengthen our own selves, to let these people not influence us. Be it through meditation, or whatever way, but we have to be strong. I am now trying not to judge these sort of people, who tend to know more about your life than you. I either try to to avoid these people as much as possible or in cases when I cannot, I try to increase my threshold level of tolerance, of letting go of their words. I try to remind myself of the fact that words of these people will not matter till I keep doing what satisfies my soul. I am responsible for myself and to my parents not to these people. If I can’t protect my dream, nobody will.
    And it is the journey to these dreams that we become our better selves. I am still in the journey, hoping to reach the destination soon. 🙂

    1. You said it shruthi, we have to strengthen ourselves, we have to keep telling ourselves that the truth we believe in for ourselves is going to pay out eventually. Sometimes it can be a longer wait than expected but maybe that’s why they call perseverance as the secret for all achievement in life. I guess that’s the best way to go about things – a silent smile and perhaps devil may care attitude. That will set things alright , at least for ourselves 🙂

  2. Living for others does not make a sense of success, if we did also such for few days it does not be satisfied for ourselves

    1. Agreed Pooja.. I think one of the most elegant quotes I’d read was – the greatest achievement in life is to be yourself, especially in a world which is trying to make you someone else!!

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