I have two choices- either to be happy or unhappy

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I like the last part of the statement when he talks about – I just choose to be happy. I only wish if things were that easy. Well, actually, are they? Is it us who complicate things and associate happiness to results , to happenings around us, to people, food, tv , etc? Have we masked ourselves into a belief that happiness is external of us and we have nothing to do with it? Well, looking honestly inside, my answer is YES!

Sometimes it is heartening to think of the alternative truth than the trained incapacity we have been used to. What if we had the control over choice, a life where I believe and control what affects me and what not. Things around me, in the world are events – they may be directly related to me or not at all. But when do they affect me ? The one answer I can think of is- when I let them. If happiness is my choice of life, then I probably would not allow anything to hold me back. Cos if it is all a choice, why not choose what works best for me?
It made more sense when I read the addendum to it –

“you can be unhappy if you want to be. It is the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Just choose unhappiness. Go around telling yourself that things aren’t going well, that nothing is satisfactory, and you can be quite sure of being unhappy”

If it is that easy to be unhappy, then why not being happy?


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