I Have Experienced Many Terrible Things In Life, A Few Of Which Actually Happened – Mark Twain

Mark Twain :

I absolutely love this quote by Mark Twain. And I guess this is a pretty straight forward one with a simple message on thinking and over thinking. While recall one of our most popular articles – 10 Effective Strategies To Stop Overthinking. I recall this post on quora where someone asked how to live with over thinking. The first thing that came to my mind was this quote by Mark Twain :

“I Have Experiences Many Terrible Things In Life, A Few Of Which Actually Happened – Mark Twain”

The Bug Of Overthinking

To be brutally honest, I think we all have this bug of overthinking. Tracing to the roots, I really wonder where this overthinking came from.

  • Is it cultural?
  • Is it genetic?
  • Does it depend on the environment we were brought up in?
  • Does it depend on our opportunities and resources? –  For example a person with more resources has lesser reasons to think and worry!
  • How can I get rid of it?

I think above all, the most important question is the last one. We really don’t have to live with overthinking, there are plenty ways we can overcome it and a few prominent ones as we have discussed on our strategies to prevent overthinking post.

Why Is It So Difficult?

Come on! We have been in a competitive world right from the start. We started school at a young age where the teacher taught us that being the topper was everything. And then another teacher said that we are in a constant competition with everyone else around us and we need to excel in life at every walk. I worried because I knew that no matter what I did, there would be an area incomplete.

And then when I entered college, everyone said that I should worry about getting a good job. And for that, I need great scores and projects and what not. I worried if any of my projects would go wrong and I would be left jobless. Turns out I got into a so called great company.

And then when I started working, I worried that I should work on weekends to catch up with the work. I worried further as my senior constantly told me that recession was nearing and there was a chance that companies would start firing. They never did but I left the job – not for the same reasons though – I simply wanted to do something different and wanted to lead a maverick life.

We Can Never Be Completely Ready

And then started entrepreneurship where I realised that I had to forget everything I thought I knew about business and focus on what I actually knew. One of the most beautiful things with this experience was that none of the challenges I faced in this venture was ever expected and they all turned out amazing. Turns out that with this one thought of worry, I was wasting so much time thinking and literally losing sleep imagining the worst situation possible. And none of these preparation ever helped because the struggle I went through felt like a struggle and less like an adventure.

I think sometimes we can never be completely ready for the challenges in life. Sometimes we just have to brace ourselves and say that – It’s alright, I am going to take it head on and I am going to solve it. Overthinking happens when we think of things beyond our control and feel completely helpless. The one best way to avoid or prevent or even get rid of it is this one simple thought – What can I do right now to prevent this? What can I do right now which can make me smile. What can I do right now that puts every thought behind me and brings me to the best state of mind.

It simply is a much better question and it will lead to a beautiful answer 🙂

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    • Nice, I guess we all are in sorts. It is pretty hard to find a carefree person out there. And even if we find one, it is harder to find a responsible one at that 🙂 .. Meditation is a good idea. I guess I go out for a run, that really helps me calm my nerves 🙂

    • Well, true that Alok. I think it is a base knowledge to skip overthinking. But somehow it seems to find a way back into our lives and most times without our knowledge. It kinda eats up both of our time and emotions. The trick is to find the smoothest way around 🙂