The humble flower vendor

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It was 1o pm, a dark cold night. I was with my mom standing outside my aunt’s house waiting for my dad.  A man in a bike came closer and stopped. The fear shifted me two steps to the right guessing him to be a chain snatcher. The man says “ Hello Auntie” to my mom and she was trying to figure out who he was. “Auntie, don’t you remember me? The guy who would vend flowers to your place 6yrs ago.” Well the man had changed a lot in appearance and I could hardly identify him. My mom, genius among all in the family remembered him and they started talking.

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The man was very humble and talking to him made us appreciate his goodness for hours. During the conversation a line caught my thought. He said “I crossed in front of you once, after going to the next road I realised it was you and now here I am.” This line reminded me of the  times when I  pretended not to have seen someone so that I could avoid talking to them, the times when I felt “Oh, it’s ok to move ahead than to spend my 10 minutes here.” Was I too selfish? Hmm… well I don’t know! But yes! I agree I was a little reluctant to give my time to someone.

I think most of us have done this, pretending not to have seen someone 😀 This reminds me of a funny common Facebook experience. There are a few Facebook friends who are friends with you from years but hesitate to even smile at you when met face to face 😀 I had 100 plus juniors on my Facebook page and only a few would smile and talk when met face to face 😀 Haven’t  you experienced such incidents? Wait!! Is it only me who experiences such things? :O Oh! Probably, it’s only me 🙁

The  flower vendor spoke to us for just 10 minutes but he had so much more to give us. He left behind the ‘feel good’ feeling for us and his words reflected his personality so well. As Rudyard Kipling says

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” 

We all are busy running behind so many things in life. Taking out time for someone may seem a waste of time for us but it means a lot more to that someone. A simple smile, a few humble words, a simple touch of care and a genuine concern is all what it needs to make someone feel loved and we know it isn’t a tough thing to do. Right?

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  1. No achievement can give you the happiness that comes from a genuine humble smile from a person whom you meet after a long time. A much needed post to restore the human values in humans again.

  2. Don’t worry Vinay, you are not the one who faces the same. It is almost all of us who faces the same. Honestly we all are living in a world which is more concerned about their life only, who cares to stop and talk to a person who is known to us, but not too much closed to us.

    You will find very few people out here who will be humble like your flower vendor. Great post Vinay, you touched my heart with this post.

  3. Right -O.. and you are not alone Vinay… these are the realities of virtual world.. but then if used judiciously and with controlled emotion,in which you are a pioneer ; the same world give gems like you who, lives and helps live 🙂 And I am sure if we bump into each – other you as well as i will receive a genuine smile 🙂 🙂

      1. Lolz… Vidya …. I mentioned Vinay’s name but it turned out correct as you have so aptly replied 🙂 Yes Vidya with us bumping into each other,two females, one inspiring the other inspired !! Well, its calendar we might require 😛

    1. True Roohi, I guess simplicity has lost its path and its finding hard to find its way back but good news is there are people who want to guide it back to the world 🙂 Thank you for the comment, glad you liked it 🙂

  4. I avoid meeting people on roads thinking What if they do not remember me. 🙂 But I smile back even when a stranger smiles at me. I have a tendency to forget faces real quick

  5. I avoid only those people who behave and react in such a way that they are doing me a huge favour by conversing with me. But I hate it when I smile at strangers and they simply stare and do not return the smile… its even sad such people exist 😐 & its a lovely feeling when someone from the past remembers and makes an effort to simply have a heart to heart talk with you and not have ulterior motives 🙂

    1. Najm at times even I avoid those kind of people. It feels as if they don’t deserve our goodness but I sometimes enjoy a sense of pride when I smile at the ones who don’t respond well 🙂 I guess everybody has experienced the stare from a stranger when you are being good to them 😀

  6. A smile and/or a few words cost the giver nothing more than a few seconds or a few minutes, but they have a deep positive impact on the receiver.
    You have appreciated the flower vendor’s act. At the same time, the fact that your mother and you conversed with him would also have had a positive impact on him!

  7. It has happened with me also. The same not in the mood of ‘catching up’. I agree with the taboo of smiling at strangers here. People still have the difficulty when it comes to connecting with others face to face.and sociaval sites are a lot easier. I have done the same and I know how convenient the the social sites are.:D

  8. My husband only knows to return a smile. In our early part of our courtship, he once asked me – do you know that lady that you just smiled at? I said “No” and asked did I smile at her? Smile is an instinct for me…I do smile at (pleasant looking) strangers without even sometimes realizing that I smiled. So, I hardly ever notice that they don’t smile in return. It was a kind gesture of the flower vendor to recognize your mum even in dark and come up to greet her. I am sure you mom must have had worn a pleasant smile and showered her kindness to that boy every time he visited to vend flowers 🙂

    1. Thank you for your response. Vidhya, sorry for the late reply. I can’t believe I missed this notification. This is something I have to learn Vidhya, to smile and not to bother about the other person’s response because it could be awkward to find them not returning the same. Thank you 🙂
      And the lines about my mom, yes she is that kind of person, she gives positive vibes and emotions when she meet people. SO much to learn from her.

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