9 Simple Tips To Sleep Right And Tight

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“Sleep is the best meditation.”

-Dalai Lama

If you aren’t sleeping well enough then probably you are missing one of the most necessary rejuvenators of your life. We are aware of the fact that lack of sleep results in heart related problems, risks of high blood pressure, stroke and diabetics. It also troubles the thinking ability and concentration power of a person and results in feeling  uneasy and uncomfortable to perform your daily activities.

6 to 7hours sleep is befitting for an adult. And recently researchers say that women need more sleep. A lot of us manage to get adequate amount of hours on bed but the real problem is  with the number of sleep hours or the sleep satisfaction.  Though you might feel you were on bed for about 7hours, you don’t feel contented and energized. The reasons range from medical issues like neurological condition, chronic pain, sinus allergies to mental issues like tension, overwhelm, over-thinking, stress and more.

To improve your sleeping habit and to know how to better your sleep. Here are 5 simple tips from Watchwellcast

Recapping The Points:

1. Bedtime Ritual

2. Regular sleep and wake schedule

3. Stop watching your clock

4. Optimal sleep environment

5. Unplug

Some More Points That Are Helpful:
  • Think Good!

Do you remember the times when your parents narrated you stories to make you sleep? All the stories that they told you were either happy ones or the ones which left a positive impact on you. It’s very important to think good before you go to bed because it reflects your mental health and allows you to sleep better.


  • Be the Early Birds.

The ones who sleep early and wake up early are the ones who are generally very active and happy. I know a lot those who sleep late and are active but when you take the overall percentage into consideration; the early birds are on the higher side.

Here is what Benjamin Franklin has to say, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”


  • A Good Workout

A good workout in the day helps you sleep better. You are more likely to relax better. Yoga or gym, aerobics  or dance, walk or jog, it might be any physical activity, it helps you with a great deal. Researchers say that people who exercise for 150 minutes a week are more likely to sleep better.


  • Focus on What You Eat

Especially in the nights. A heavy and a spicy dinner can affect your digestive system and can create problems while you sleep. Consuming Alcohol can make you feel drowsy and can result in short term sleep routine. To keep your meal light and healthy can help you in a great way.

There are many other factors that help you sleep better like wearing comfortable clothes, proper ventilation, meditating before you go to bed, performing prayers- being thankful for the day, listening to light instrumental music, reading a good book or taking a hot shower. There are many other ways and we know you have your favourites. We have listed the things that have helped us sleep better and we believe your suggestions can be helpful to many people. Please do share with us.

We are trying  to deal with the rectifiable sleep problem with a little effort of yours. If your problem persists too long even after your trials then you should see the doctor. Preferably, very soon.

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6 thoughts on “9 Simple Tips To Sleep Right And Tight

  1. I don’t have any problem with sleeping. But I know a few elderly people who suffer from chronic sleeping problems ( one of them is insomniac). This is a very good post and informative too. I will let them know the things you mentioned here… 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

  2. I very badly need to set my sleeping schedule or else I am going to end up at a doctor’s place. After watching this, I would try to be more serious about my sleeping ways and hours. 🙂

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