How To Save Yourself From Bad Meetings

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How To Save Yourself From Bad Meetings

You attended the meeting without much interest and all you get in the end of it is this big question mark on “why did you even attend it?” as it was an absolute waste of time and energy. Have you experienced any such meetings? Most of us experience this in our lives and yet don’t have a solution. Is this our fault that we waste our time in meetings which don’t really mean much to us or is it the hype given by the managers or friends which asks us to attend it. Before you think about on whom to put the blame watch this video by David Grady who says “How to save the world from bad meetings or at least yourself.”


David Grady

David Grady is an information security manager. He believes that strong communication skills can help improve global economy. He uses his communication experiences to transform complex problems into solvable challenges.

How wonderful is it to have an agenda of a meeting when you are invited? Doesn’t it sound great? Imagine, how excited you would feel? You would be prepared well enough for it with more ideas. Most importantly, we are saving the most precious thing, TIME.

David mentions about choosing accept or tentative or decline option. How nice it would be if you could choose decline if the subject of the meeting didn’t interest you irrespective of the invite. If only things worked out that way! I know it doesn’t. But their is something which can be implemented out of it. At least you could be clearer when you invite someone for a meeting. People will appreciate you for your vision and clarity. After all, clarity is power.

David mentions about the need to ask questions. I understand it is never easy to ask questions directly to your manager. Why not start the thing from an elementary level? Why not show interest in it and ask sensible questions. Of course, politeness is the best approach.  When you do that, the other person understands how interested you are. It’s an assurance for the other person to know that your interest can serve a great deal for the meeting and the project. Communication, I mean the right communication solves time and resolves relationships.

Before putting the blame on the somebody else let’s start this with ourselves. Let’s be clear in what we want out of ourselves and others. After all, saving time is saving a lot in life. Maybe, you could impress someone with your clarity and maybe develop a good practice in that someone.

Before you move ahead to next article let’s rewind the words by David Grady, 


“People may start to change their behaviour because you changed yours.”

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8 thoughts on “How To Save Yourself From Bad Meetings

  1. on dot Vidya ! Loved the Mas – Mindless accept Syndrome … mostly the meetings et al are shoved on us but there are people who actually ‘suffer’ from this’ illness’ as being seen in every meeting/GD/ …. make them feel important and wanted… AND when such people are your Boss (true in most cases)… consider yourself DEAD … as they Love to ARRANGE meetings … thus becoming spreading agent of MAS like its the virus which cause fever but the Female Anopheles is the carrier .. so these low self esteemed seniors/bosses become the carrier of MAS …Phew.. what a long reply .. I must have been a frequent patient of this fever bet! 😛

    1. Ha Ha spreading agents of MAS 😀 frequent patients, yes I have to agree. Most of us spend our lives battling against MAS. I hope people realise the actual importance of a meeting and help improve the quality of time and labour.
      It was a long reply but brought some smiles on my face 🙂 🙂

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