How To Overcome Fear Ppt : 11 Ppt Presentation Slides Through The Mastery Of Your Fears

How To Overcome Fear powerpoint presentation

Upon popular request, here is a ppt on our post : How To Overcome Fear: 11 Practical Steps To Guide You Through The Journey Of Overcoming Fears 

In this post, we talked about our fears and the ways to overcome them in detail. Attaching a shorter version of the post in the form a small video for your reference.

If you wish to download a ppt of this for further reference, you can find it here:

How to overcome fear from Vinay Nagaraju

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 1: The Meaning of Fear

What is this fear trying to tell you?

– Is it trying to tell me that I am incapable of something

– Is it trying to tell me that I did something very wrong

– Is it trying to make me feel bad

Or is it simply trying to tell you that something is wrong and you have to work on it?

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 2: The Purpose of Fear

What is its purpose at this point of time?

– Is it trying to warn you of something? 
– Is it trying to tell that you have to act upon something? 
– Is it simply trying to create a diversion? 

Every emotion has a meaning. What is the meaning of this one?

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 3: Ready When You Are! 

Sometimes fear is just a signal to be ready 

– What do you have to be ready for ? 
– Do you have to consider a plan B if the current one fails?
– Do you need to get your resources in order? 

Sometimes you need to be ready for a success too 🙂

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 4: The Thin Line Where Fear Screws You Up! 

There is a difference between being cautious and overcautious

– Does this fear seem rational to someone else too? 
– What is driving you – The Fear or The Problem? 
– Where does this fear stand in the BIG PICTURE? 

How important is this worry?

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 5: What Do You See?

What is the first picture that comes to your mind?

– Is it a challenge or the string of challenges?
– Is it the opportunities this project brings?
– Is it something which puts you into action? 

Action is the purest solution to set you free

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 6: Who Is Bigger? Fear or You? 

Who is the bigger person here?

– Does the fear make you question your capacities?
– Does it make you wonder if you are a failure?
– Does it make you think twice on every small thing? 

Fear is a much smaller entity compared to you. You are BIGGER!

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 7: How much of it is real?

Fear is imaginary, Danger is real – Will Smith!

– What are you trying to solve – Danger or Fear?
– What is more important? – Symptom or the Disease? 
– Don’t rationalize the fear, say what it is.

Be honest, not for me, but for yourself!

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 8: The Curious Case of Fear

Why not be a little curious about fear? Just like the child

“What does this mean? 
– Can this mean something else? 
– Can this be an opportunity for me?”

Ask better questions and you will find better answers

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 9: What is The Opportunity Here? 

The fear sometimes is just a barricade for you to jump

– What can this fear mean?
– What can jumping over this fear mean? 
– How will I feel if I use this opportunity to win over a fear?

Success is not just about your IQ – It is your EQ – Emotional Quotient

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 10: Failure Is a Matter of Perspective

What are you really afraid of – Failure or Fear?

– What if you remove the word failure from your vocabulary?
– What if you replace it by feedback?
– How will you take this and move ahead? 

What is failure to the world need not be failure to you

How To Overcome Fear Ppt Slide 11: Start Small

You don’t have to climb The Everest in a Day

– Take tiny steps, work on smaller fears

– Win over them and reward yourself for the victory

– We all have to start somewhere, why not here? 

Take control of your life, Fear is just another word, you mean a lot more..

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