How To Identify The Mistakes Of Our Everyday Life

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Someone asked us a question today – How to identify the mistakes we make on our everyday life? 

And it got us thinking – Well, this is a question which is not very common and hence this article.

Before we try and answer that, we would like to put out a couple of questions around its periphery so that we make a holistic effort at it. As always, we start with the base question – WHY?


Why would anyone want to identify the mistakes they do on everyday life – The simplest answer I could think of was being self aware and on a process of continuous improvement. I really admire that. It takes a lot to actually know that we make mistakes and bravely stand up to them and try to improve from them.

On the other hand, what would it make us feel if we are constantly looking at the mistakes we do on our everyday life. Unconsciously, aren’t we training our mind to look out for the mistakes we do everyday. And what happens if someone keeps pointing out our mistakes everyday, it makes us feel extremely humble and not in a very good way too. Imagine what it can do to our self esteem the moment we train ourselves to identify everything that is wrong around us.


Instead, we would suggest – look at the things that are great in front of us. Look at all those things which you have done great today on a daily basis. We are not fundamentally asking you to turn a blind eye towards the mistakes you do and be completely insensitive. We are not even suggesting that you should massage your ego so that you feel good. But we are suggesting a due diligence here.

There sure are a lot of things every sensitive person would like to improve in their lives. But we need to be careful when we look out for them and also be prepared. And that doesn’t just mean that we take everything that comes our way. It means how constructive these issues are going to be for us and how they are going to improve the quality of our everyday life.

If they end up doing the opposite, then we would strongly recommending looking at what creates the balance and as always create a priority list and start solving the issues one by one, by the order of their importance. We all have a battle to fight – why pick the trivial ones?


Well! As promised in the title, it is pretty easy to identify the faults we do on a daily basis:

  1. Talk to people around you and see if they liked or did not like what you said or did. You will be able to find something there for sure if you probe deep enough
  2. Maybe record the important conversations you are going to have and have your reports corrected from people for feedback before a final submission. That way you will prevent the mistake before it is being judged upon.

Our suggestion still is to be quite careful about identifying and doing things one thing at a time. Because too much of it can be more counterproductive than actually helpful.

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7 thoughts on “How To Identify The Mistakes Of Our Everyday Life

  1. It is extremely vital to retrospect on your entire happenings at the end of day to analyze your mistakes and correct them. Great tips to initiate the same Vinay. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I loved the positivity in your words… 🙂 that surely helps us to rectify and move forward….

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