How To Build Self Confidence PPT : 10 Key Steps To Improve Self Confidence

How To Build Self Confidence PPT

Well! The title says it all, what we are trying to accomplish here and how we are going to go ahead with that. The goal here is to identify ways to improve your self confidence and aim to gain more control on your life and your choices.

Continuing from our previous post on – How To Build Self Confidence – 10 Step By Step Processes To Improve your self confidence and the quality of life, we thought we would share a video and a presentation for further references.

Here you go with the video.

If you wish to download the presentation, you can find it here:

 How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 1:

What are you afraid of? – Let’s start with one thing at a time!

– What is the one thing you think you cannot do?

– Again, not a list, just that one little thing which is most important to you

– Why do you think you cannot do it? – Resources/Talent/Expertise?

The first step is in acceptance and if you ask me, you have already started

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 2:

Why are you afraid of it? What are your reasons?!

– I have tried it before and it has not worked

– I have seen more intelligent people try and fail

– I don’t have it in me, I am not capable enough

Be honest, not to me but for yourself, why do you think you cannot do it?

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 3:

What does achieving this mean to you?

– Does this mean that you can achieve your goals better?

– Does it mean that you can solve bigger problems?

– Does it mean that you are capable and successful?

We are talking about just the what, we will get to the why soon.

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 4:

Imagine you were completely self confident

 – How does that make you feel

– What is the image you have about yourself with this much confidence?

– How would you approach the problems if you were confident?

Don’t focus on what you are afraid of, focus on what you want.

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 5:

Think of all your successes in the past

 – It was you who achieved those successes despite challenges

– How did you do them, what did you feel when you won over them?

– What drove you to achieve them, they weren’t very easy!

 If we can remember our past fears, why not our past successes?

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 6:

Forget the failures of the past

– You were a different person back then

– You are a different person now, with more capabilities

– Don’t punish the present self for the past mistakes, go beyond them

We all fail, but not all get up. It happened a long time ago, MOVE ON!

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 7:

Identify a hero, a real life hero

 – See how they handle these challenges, understand their mindset

– See how these practical masters work, what can you use in your life from their experience?

– Imitate and develop the mindset, that is all you need

 You don’t have to find a super star, you need a regular everyday hero who you can see, feel and relate to.

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 8:

Take pride in making mistakes

– No one is meant to be perfect, mistakes are not an aberration, they are the norm

– Don’t be shy of mistakes, be proud of them, they are your actions

– Perfection is the worst standard in the world, be exceptional!

Make mistakes, make them quick and more importantly learn from them.

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 9:

Stop comparisons

 – My neighbor is better than me in this. You are better than him in many other ways

– So what? Everyone has their own share of problems, focus on your own

– No one can lead your life, stop trying to compare them to you, they are not even close

 Your life, your rules – No one has a say in that!

How To Build Self Confidence PPT Slide 10:

Forget the stupid society

– Don’t try to satisfy the rules of the society, you will never win even if you do.

– Try satisfying your own self, what you do is for yourself!

– The society will always come around, it has a way of embracing successes, let it come to you.

Don’t chase the silly society, let it come to you and when it does, it does come with a lot of respect.

These were our top 10 tips to improve self confidence. 

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