How To Boost Your Self-Esteem

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You feel ashamed, stressed, guilty, frustrated, anxious, and many more emotions that pull you down on the emotional stability meter.

To have a low esteem is to be too strict on yourself to punish and underestimate the capability of the wonders you can do. And when you feel inferior you let it consume you to the maximum costing your confidence, happiness and inner peace.

Here is a quick fix video from Wellcast which brings out amazing videos regularly. 3 ways to boost self-esteem

WellCast: 3 Ways To Boost Self-Esteem:

1. Do something that you have been putting off

2. Gratitude

3. Treat yourself like your best friend.

A few more tips which can be helpful

Stop being a critic: Not not at every single thing at least! Just let go what happened. Don’t try to analyse way too much on what you did or said to someone or yourself. Do correct yourself for the next time if you are wrong at something but never let your inner critic criticise you more than required.

Do something good every morning:  A good early morning routine can reflect more energy and enthusiasm for the day. To start a day on a positive note in one the nicest things you can gift yourslf. For a better day, start it in a better way.

Talk to yourself: Ever heard this saying,” If you missed talking to yourself then probably you are missing talking to the most amazing person in this world.” What you say to yourself is what you perform. The better confidence boosters you add, the better motivated you become.

Choose the right people: Look who you are with! Because it will leave an impact on you. Spend time with people who appreciate you and your time. Who values you and respects you. They are great confidence boosters.. It doesn’t mean you always have to stick to a particular group. Go diverse. make friends from all zones but make sure you are with the right ones most of the times.

Don’t Expect perfection: You are expecting a lot out of yourself to see perfection. It’s good upto a level but above that it will drain a lot of energy from you leading to emotional unhappiness.

Be the lover of your life: Well there are 2 meaning here. One is to fall in love with yourself. To be proud and happy on who you are as a person and the other thing is to be the lover of your life. Just like how your lover would compliment you, appreciate you for your good, respect you, love you for the true you. Do all the things you expect him/her in terms of treating you. Be like him/her to yourself.

There are plenty other ways to boost your self-esteem. Do let us know your ways. We would love to hear. Even a small act like looking into the mirror and smiling can bring in some difference. No matter how small or silly things can look, they are making some difference in you. Don’t let the low self-esteem take you in control.

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2 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Self-Esteem

  1. Nobody is perfect. We must always remember this. This also helps us to improve. And, yes, a bit of pampering helps to boost self-esteem to a great extent. Nice post Vidyashree… 🙂

  2. Great article.
    Showing the simplest and right way.
    Treat yourself as your best friend.
    Be lover of your life.

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