How To Believe In Yourself

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How To Believe In Yourself

how to believe in yourself, self confidence, having beliefs in a negative society

“If you think you can do something or if you think you cannot, you are right”. The quote strikes a very strong chord as I write about it and the thought as to how much beliefs are undervalued in the society. We are always  influenced by multitude of things in our worlds, our societal, cultural and intellectual lives are all influenced by so many things around. What about our personal selves? Should we let that be influenced or do we stand up to them? How do we get these beliefs stronger and rely more on them? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Believe 

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else would? You are the only choice and hope and everything you have to stand guard for yourself. If you keep depending on the words of others, you rarely get to develop your own real self. If you said it is easier said than done, I guess somehow along the way, we have convinced ourselves into believing that we can’t do something. What if we convince ourselves the other way round?

  • Face your fears 

I agree the bigger ones might not be the easiest to try and win over, start small, the more minor victories you have, the better you get and that massively enhances your beliefs in facing them. Most importantly TRY, keep persevering, you’ll be over your fears without your knowledge and it all becomes second nature very soon.

  • Gather supporting thoughts 

What makes you believe in yourself? Isn’t it the small successes of life, the things you have accomplished which keep telling your mind that you are good at something and keep doing it without a second thought? What if you were to extend the same belief to the challenges and the problems you are facing. You might not get a straight forward solution, for example you might not become a writer from an illiterate but identify what all are the attributes needed, access yourself and see how you do a certain things and you are great at, maybe you can extend the same philosophy to this domain as well. 

  • Choose your society 

Often one of the reasons why we don’t believe in ourselves is the people around us and how much we let them have influence on us. Especially when you are out to do something different that the society doesn’t understand, it will try to pull you down. It is like Gandhi said –First they ridicule you, then they oppose you and then they want to be like you”

  • Take Feedback 

From people, from the situation and the outcomes. We have all been in places where clearly things have not worked for us. Some choose to sit and lament over it, some think as to what to make of it. Why not look at it as a simple strategy where something worked and something didn’t? Maybe it will open doors to new thoughts. 

  • Stop thinking, start acting 

The one thing that set all things on a simpler and a straight forward plane is the actions we take. The more we take, the better we get at them, the more beliefs we have on our own and the more we start realizing the same, the better we get. 

  • Help Others 

One of the best ways to gain more confidence is helping others. The moment we realize that someone else’s day is better by our presence, the feel of value addition, the sense of being there for someone makes a huge difference you turn into a problem solver as opposed to a problem.

I guess as for beliefs they are everywhere, the choice is ours – whether we prefer to believe the positive or the negative front.

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