How To Be More Productive And Efficient

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How To Be More Productive And Efficient

“I want to see productivity” Do you hear this demand from your boss?

“Look at him! He spends just a few hours and brings magnificent result whereas I work all day to end up with half of what he does” Do you ask yourself?

Productivity is definitely the word you hear very often, either as a demand from someone or yourself. What more can you offer when you offer everything you can? I am sure you work hard, hours together to see positive results but somehow get disappointed to see things not work your way.

Maybe we do it all right but in a different manner. Here is a video from AsapSCIENCE which could be a help for us to increase productivity.

Get Started:

The initial step and the crucial step of all. More the time between plan and execution, more the chances of losing interest. One of the life lessons thought to me was to do what you plan to do immediately. If you let yourself some sweet extra time to relax on, you might end up with second thoughts to drop the plan or procrastinate it.

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Split the work:

Imagine a hard big task and a couple of smaller difficult tasks. The second seems happier to work on, right? Whenever you split the work you feel lesser pressure and a little easier. Same as pronouncing otolaryngology like oto·lar·yn·gol·o·gy (a medical specialty concerned especially with the ear, nose, and throat)

Deliberate practice:

A mindful of few hours is hundred times better than the mindless work of many hours. It’s difficult to accomplish but it comes all easy with practice.

Planned relaxation:

Very important part of working. Intervals in-between hours of focused work helps you rejuvenate energy and put you on track to continue your work.


Deadline works great in examination so does the same in the work we do. It keeps you more focused and targeted. That’s the reason teachers at school say ”That day’s work should be done that that day itself”

Accountability Chart:

Maintaining a journal helps to keep track on the daily improvement and advancement. To know you did a little better than yesterday is an amazing confidence booster and feeling of approaching the desired result is wonderful. Journal helps a great way in that.

Stop Multitasking:

We have heard people shouting at us to put that phone down and concentrate on work. It might take just 20 second to look at the phone but it takes more than 2 minutes to set you’re your mind for work again. Imagine taking such 20 seconds of break often. How much more you are breaking away from work now!

 ‘To-do’ list:

A great way to start and end a day. To look at the things you want to do and to look at the things you did is a great feeling.

Every day is a wonderful new adventure and to know how wonderfully you lived it is a feeling beyond explanation.

Maybe it’s time to realize those extra precious hours we are wasting unknowingly and covert them to those wonderful hours to spend with family and friends and most importantly yourself. Trying this is not going to be easy the first day, neither the first week nor after 10 days. Take a 30 day challenge and see how it works out. You feel great and that feeling would guide you for the rest of the life.

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