How to appreciate yourself

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I am often perplexed with a question in my mind and even more so when I ask people about the same. The question is “Who are you” and the answers I get more often than not are the ones who they are not. I do agree, it sounds very ironical, but unfortunately quite true as well. I guess one of the reasons why we don’t find it easy to answer it is that we haven’t asked ourselves enough number of times as to who we are, not enough to get an answer for the same. I believe that might be the first step, trying to identify who all we are – passionate, sexy, dreamy, brilliant, loving, caring, committed, dedicated, …. I think we can come up with a lot of such nice sounding words. But how do we appreciate ourselves for all these?

1) Acknowledge your traits

Once you identify who all you are, what all are the attributes you stand for, acknowledge them, tell it with pride that these are attributes you represent and this is what defines you

2) Make some time for yourself everyday

If you know what your nice attributes are, they need recognition, the moment you neglect them, they die, they don’t seem to exist anymore, they seem suppressed and pushed under a rug. And you would have to spend a lot more effort to get them back alive.

3) Observe the situations when these attributes come out

Observe the situations, the happenings of your daily life where you bring out these characters, emotions of sheer beauty – the chivalry, the honesty, the appreciation, the love, the responsibility and so on…. And pat your back every time these attributes come out, nurture them

4) Make it a point to observe these attributes in others.

I am sure the first things that come to mind when I talk about attributes are how irritating your neighbors are, how irritating their voices are, how shabby they are, how irritating this writer is and so on.. But I guess the more you focus on these things, the more you will keep finding them. I am sure if that is the case, given a chance anyone on earth can piss you off and at ease as well! But keep your focus limited to the beautiful attributes, the ones you see in yourself, the ones you acknowledge in yourself

5) Appreciate these attributes in them

The moment you find an attribute, talk about it, appreciate it. The goal is not just to make someone happy, the goal is to make sure that you keep reinforcing the same thought in yourself, the same idea which keeps getting stronger.

6) For all the things you don’t have….

Well, there is a lot to smile for and a good reason is to know that there are a lot of traits which you can add on to yourself to become the person you want to be. I agree, none of us likes to point out what is bad in us, but we are not saying anything is bad and we are not even trying to find that here. All we are trying to do is identify what more we can add to our lives so that they keep getting better and better. And the search for that answer is perhaps one of the most exciting one 🙂


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