How Snooze Button Can Affect Your Sleep

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How Snooze Button Can Affect Your Sleep?

I came across this title ‘Should You Use The SNOOZE Button?’ in youtube. “Of course, You shouldn’t,” I said to myself though I do it often. As expected, this video favours on not using a snooze button for alarm but the reason for it is something very convincing and would help you control snooze of your alarm from now on.

I have to agree with the thoughts of this video. There was a time when I didn’t use alarms and waking up wasn’t as stressful as today. I don’t know how I managed that doing in my school days. My routine was different or I can say it was much healthy. All I had to do was to come home after school, freshen up, go play, do my homework and go to bed. Life was simple and nice, looked like everything fell in place before going to bed and look at today, things seem to have changed so much. All we think about is that extra time to complete our office work. Life seems very busy managing family, friends and office together. No less than a great task for everyday, right?

With sudden plans and engagements, getting 6-8hrs of sleep every day becomes a tough task and when we do that most of us have the practice to set an alarm, a wake up call to start our next day. Waking up is not a ‘feel-good’ feel for the majority of us. We are stressed out so much in life that waking up for the next day scares us yet we do it. We are brave souls. Aren’t we? 🙂

We do so much for a better life. Somewhere in the process to increase quantitative productivity we neglect the qualitative existence of life. Sleep is an essential thing and you know how it feels when you don’t get enough sleep and how it feels when you sleep well. We all enjoy the later one, right? Fresh, cheerful, energetic, excited and most importantly to know you are satisfied by your sleep is something we love to feel about.  If snoozing can harm these for me and make me feel tired then I choose not to snooze my alarm from now on. What about you?

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4 thoughts on “How Snooze Button Can Affect Your Sleep

  1. Lol, I was not at all aware about how snoozing button can affect our sleep, though it is a fact that it makes me a bit lazy and that’s why I normally try to ignore it. Nice post Vidyashree 🙂

  2. Good one. OMG, if we don’t use snooze, then what will all the developers who build the snooze button on each alarm will do? 😉 How will they make revenue?

    Kidding.. So now coming to the topic, well said, sleep is directly related to your productivity. I have worked for night shifts during the initial days of my career and I can imagine how the lack of sleep might reverse your body cycle as well.

    Regarding the snooze button, I have been making sure that before I sleep I keep my cell phone away from my bed so that I can ensure that I need to get up from the bed and walk a bit before I hit the alarm button. So doing that it actually makes me to get up from my sleep. I think its been some time that i used the snooze button on my mobile phone and thats a pretty good achievement I guess.

    1. Ha ha. We are taking away bread from developers by not using snooze 😀 That’s the reason we are being generous and snoozing it 3 to 4 times daily:

      That’s a very good practise Krishna. To keep your phone far from you so that you can walk to it to stop. I think for a person like me who sleeps upstairs its a must idea to keep the alarms downstairs. So that I can walk all the way to stop it 😀

      I think you are reaching a level where you don’t need alarm anymore. Keep up your good practise 🙂

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