How important is making money?

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Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

– Patrick Meagher

Recently I met my friends. We got nostalgic with our college memories, as we talked further the topics moved to personal life, career and jobs. Two of my friends started with their tech-jobs topic… Argh!! The ones which don’t interest me at all but I somehow was patient to listen. They discussed about their respective domains and what I observed was one was indirectly condemning the other saying how much more money he makes and how little she does. I was shocked by his words and was a little surprised as she didn’t defend herself but could sense that his words upset her. My other friends sensed where the discussion was going and changed the topic. On the way back home she talked about how he was before, how money changed him. I didn’t talk much as I was shocked by his behavior and tried to cheer her up.

Back at home I gave a re-thought to the incident. I questioned myself “Would I ever let money overtake my emotions?” with no-doubts I said “Never!”. I guess that is perhaps I don’t know how it feels to make big money or maybe because I am mature enough to understand that money doesn’t matter that much in life :P. I know you are laughing when you are reading this or your are saying – Damn you sanctimonious jerk 😀 . But thinking very honestly, I really don’t know and the truth is – I don’t really want to know. I would still want to be in a place where I can respect human emotions more than money. I may risk sounding like an idealist here, and it is not that I don’t want more money in my life. I would love it, it gives me so many opportunities to travel, meet more people and of course greater reasons to spend :).

I think money is definitely important in life but I would be a little skeptical when it comes to saying it is the most important thing in life. I was recently talking to my friend’s dad who was cribbing that his son’s friends have all got great jobs cos they make a lot more money than his son does. Maybe he is right, but isn’t that too one sided a view? I mean, aren’t there other factors like loving what you do, the sheer pleasure of job satisfaction, the sense of achievement, the pleasure of creating something and making it work? I have constantly maintained a belief that if you keep adding value, money will definitely find a way to come and it can build itself around you to offer you a better quality of life. I may be wrong, but I would still like to err in a place where I would prefer people over pennies.

I know that we are living in a new age world where materialism has made its inroads, I also realize that it forms a very important part of our life. I would not suggest us living in a mode of spirituality and trying to say that life is beautiful no matter how many challenges you have. I would rather say, we of course have these all and we will find ways to get over them, but certainly not at the cost of some things which we really stand up for. And I guess the choice like always is with us, what we stand up for – People or pennies?!


There is always time to make money!



15 thoughts on “How important is making money?

  1. Undeniably, both are equally important. But even more important is to strike the right balance…so that you have money to fulfill your needs, but also, not to lose sight of what you are and where you want to be.

    Actually, it’s different strokes for different folks. If it’s money that rocks their boat, who are we to call them materialistic? If it’s birds and butterflies that satisfies your heart at the cost of a lesser remuneration, then that’s what it should be. What I am trying to say is that will any of us complain if a rich aunt or a materialistic uncle would leave us with a big fat legacy?

    1. Thank you Sunila, nice to hear your views :).. You said it! It is all about striking the right balance. True, I guess the exact definition of materialistic might be more money which gets you more materials, probably it has taken a different meaning with time and of course with constant usage..

      He he, I am still searching for a long lost aunt or uncle like that 😉 😀

  2. Nice post.

    Agree to the point that money is not the most important thing in your life. As Sunila said, its upto us to find the right balance between your needs and where you want to be. But for some people making more and more money is important than doing what you love.
    We need to respect the money that we earn. Once you start showing disrespect, thats the point where you start deteriorating yourself.

    1. True Krishna, it is all about that fine balance in life which keeps it swinging in good pace. I guess it is natural to keep tilting on either sides as long as we don’t fall 🙂

      And I couldn’t agree more, money should come with respect associated with it or else it completely loses its value and its meaning..

  3. I would like to share an incident that happened recently. One of my school friend added me on FB and a general conversation was going on, then he asked me about my brother’s profile, I mentioned he is well settled in US and associated with a well-known company and I am on sabbatical and now pursuing writing. He exclaimed and suggested me that I should follow my brother and making money. He didn’t ask my interest for my action rather he presumed that I am not doing anything great as I am not making lot of money. I wanted to let him know that I have chosen it however later I refused to explain anything to him. Most of the time success of a person exemplify with how much money is he/she earning? And that’s what we people try to show off. Money has its wide presence in everyone’s life and I do agree we need it to lead a comfortable life however money could not be tag as the most important thing. For what I believe personal satisfaction is above all. Nice Read Vinay…..:)

    1. He he he he 😀 .. Trust me, a similar thing happened to me very recently. They were asking me why I didn’t pursue working in the engineering field since there was a lot of money in it and all of my friends were earning the big bucks. I guess people have a weird sense of guaging success and it is about the car, cash and the size of house and how expensive the clothes are. Not many seem to care how they come.

      True Priyanka, even I find the urge to tell these people that there is a difference between choice and compulsion and then I also realize that it seems to them that we are defending ourselves.

      Thank you Priyanka, glad that you enjoyed the post and really happy that you shared your experience… would love to keep hearing more of those 🙂

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