How I grew my Aloe Vera!

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Why doesn’t the damn plant grow even if I pour water?!

Aloe Vera is a natural medicine for frizzy hair As I saw this I decided my next experiment would be growing Aloe Vera. I collected a small portion of the plant from my aunt’s giant Aloe Vera garden and planted at my place. The only thing I knew about gardening was that to pour water regularly. I religious did it every day hoping to see the plant grow fast. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and the plant remained the same.  You know how it feels when you want something to happen soon and it keeps you waited without a single clue of working out.

Damn, it is the same from the past 2 months!

Aloe Vera2 months passed and yet it was of the same old size. Dispirited and Disheartened I decided I wouldn’t expect from it. So my every morning’s routine to water the plant was no more fun. The idea of having frizzy hair with an expectation to see beautiful curls started sinking. I held my hopes to see the miracle someday and continued the routine.  After a week I walked to my garden and the miracle was in front of me. My Aloe Vera plant had grown and my spirits elevated and I stood as a happy and a proud owner of the plant.

Doing something all by myself! 

The feeling of doing something all by yourself and seeing it happen one day is one of the beautiful feelings in the world. I know this is a very small incident but it brought more happiness than it promised me. I guess I can go out now and say “Patience, hope and persistence can make you reach your goal” Doesn’t it sound funny!Oh Yea! 🙂

I think I expected a lot within a short time but every beautiful thing to happen need its time and needs persistent effort from us to see the miracle one day 🙂


2 thoughts on “How I grew my Aloe Vera!

  1. They say watch pot never boils 🙂 Time is the best medicine for patience. Glad you got your Aloe Vera and minus your frizzy hair.

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