How I braved Anu Aunty and co-founded a Million Dollar Company! – Thoughts on the book, review

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It had been a while since I had read a brilliant book and this one managed to exceed my expectations in every page. The flow is fantastic. I love the way the back cover talks – “In this country it is a crime to be something other than a doctor or an engineer”. I also love the way he says “Armed with an unwanted Engineering Degree”. I think reading those two lines I was sold on buying the book and reading through it as fast as I could.


I am so glad I was sold on it, the flow is fascinating, there is so much of humour that I found myself laughing very loud. He talks about the challenges which every youth can relate to, and someone like us who wants to go out of the way and do something which we feel happy about. There are always a whole lot of challenges both from within the family and outside in the society and Varun Agarwal talks about both of them in an extremely charming way. The hunt for the girl of his dreams, the run for the dream and how it all came together. The flippant humour while talking about the problems he faces makes us realize how important it is to have a great sense of humour, especially for an entrepreneur.

I think it is a must read, specially for the youth, for the dreamers, for the old for the constrained ones because everywhere there is something to relate to, some bit which our lives have experienced and so many things we cherish about. Kudos for a great book and I would certainly rate it as one of the top motivational books in 2013.

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