How Do You Rate Your Success On A Rate Of 1 To 10?!

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Rate your success!
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It is an interesting question to ask isn’t it? Rate your success? – A little weird too, I mean come on! How can I rate my success?

If I say 10, people will think that I am too cocky and arrogant. Meanwhile if I say 5-6, people might think I am an absolute failure in life. If not, they will think that I am being modest for the sake of it and the rating I am giving is absolutely false.

Gee! So many implications right? Well, let us skip that all for a bit and simply focus on ourselves. How do we rate our success. What do we feel about ourselves in life. We are not talking about any particular goal or aspect of life. We are talking about your life as a whole. The life which involves your career, family, love life, physical capacity, mental strength, excitement, enthusiasm and so much.

Why Rate Your Success?

Now that is a good question to ask. What is the point in rating your success? What is this whole exercise about and what is it supposed to achieve?

It is a pretty simple answer really. This is not to put you under any competition or pressure. It is just to understand where we rank ourselves and what we think about ourselves. And we promise you that no one is going to judge you for what you rank. It is a very personal thing, it is completely under your discretion and what you decide to rank yourself as. And that might include any sector you want – physical, emotional, relationship, career or an overall generic ranking. It is all up to you.

What is your number? How do you rate your success?

What is your number on a scale of 1 to 10. To be very honest, I guess I would probably rank myself at about 8. And as I said, there is no justification needed for this ranking, it is a purely personal thing. I know that there is a lot more I would like to realise in my life and a lot more I would like to try. And perhaps a lot more I would fail at a bit. But yeah, we would still ask you to do a simple rating of yourself and then watch this video because that is what this post is all about – Perspectives!

After watching this video, you might say – of course they are the people who love me. No wonder they rank me very high. But I have so many things I have not done in my life.

If you ask my enemies, they would come up with more interesting numbers. Some may go to the negative extreme as well. And you may call that also – “Perspectives”

Well! yeah! That is true as well – there is no denying that. If we go by that logic, every single thing in this world will have a problem and every single achievement will have a loop hole. And to be very honest if we look at our lives at any point of time, it will be an achievement which is a dream of someone else. You may argue that it is still not your dream and we respect that.

What we are trying to say is that sometimes we just don’t give enough credit to our achievements in life. And for some reason we shun it or make it sound simpler. A sheer acknowledgement or sometimes an appreciation of ourselves and maybe a little gratitude for all those achievements and humility for the same can go a long way indeed.

And cheers to what all we have done so far, there still is a long way to go and I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun ahead.

Do leave us your thoughts as you leave and we shall be back with more inspiring and interesting stuff.

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12 thoughts on “How Do You Rate Your Success On A Rate Of 1 To 10?!

  1. Awesome post Vinay. It is really hard to determine own success, but yes it is very much important as well to find it out so that you yourself can judge your own performance.

  2. Vinay…excellent post!!! I think everybody more or less do that…if not exactly success. I mean I do rate my performance of anything. Starting from cooking to writing a post. I give myself marks from 10. After all we are the best judge for ourselves…!!! I love reading this!! Brilliant!!!

    1. Thank you Tina :). True that, I guess we do it all unknowingly. We derive a sense of satisfaction when we reach the goals we have for ourselves and maybe even rate it, if not on a scale of 1 to 10, at least to know where we stand on our perceptions of ourselves.

    1. True Maitreni. I agree to that thought, there is no settling down when it comes to our lives and its perceptions. The only thought for this ranking was that sometimes we undermine our efforts and successes and not give it the credit it deserves. Sometimes all our efforts need is a little bit of self appreciation and acknowledgement and it can take us a long way ahead.

  3. Now this is a very very difficult question. Each person has his own perception of success, and hard to have a common standard, But I do agree that this could be a part of a behavioral science experiment and may provide us with some insights on how a person;r perception impacts his performance in the long run.

    1. True Somali. There is never going to be one metric to rate ourselves and it is going g to be different each time depending on what we think about it. I liked this behavioral experiment since it has a nice underlying message. About perceptions and how they can make an impact. How a self acknowledgment can make a difference in our approach and perception towards our goals and achievements in life.

  4. A very thought provoking post, Vinay. I would give myself different numbers in different aspects of life. But, overall, I think I would rate my success somewhere between 7 and 8 🙂

    1. Thank you Purba :). I guess even I would like to rate around 8. And if I feel particularly narcissistic I might go to 9.5 as well :D. It is kinda fun exercise. Just a way to see if it alters our perception of ourselves.

    1. Ha ha.. Thank you Tara :). I know it is very rare that even I do a rating. It is kinda confusing to do any rating cos it is so perceptive. And then again I realise, well most things in life are that, arent they? 🙂

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