How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

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How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

What would you do if you get $100? There are many things you can think about. Buy a couple of dresses or a gadget or party hard on new year’s eve or much more… When you have extra money you will figure out extra ways to spent it.

Ever wondered what a poor man does?

(“Oh Ya…… we know, he begs every day and at the end of the day he goes to a liquor shop. Oh! It’s his routine… I would never ever want to encourage something like that….”  This is what most of us think and it’s partially right as most of them whom we have seen do the same.)

Here is a social experiment on how a homeless man spends $100 given to him.

The homeless man’s kind act touched your heart and you were happy to know $100 was spent on the right thing. It might also have filled you with a doubt if he is the only one who did it as you have experienced seeing most of them spend the money on their addictions. Just because we have experienced a few who don’t value your money by spending it on the right things it doesn’t mean everyone is the same and it reminds of the most iterated lines “Never judge a book by its cover.” How you wish every homeless man valued money like this, you would be very happy to help them. But I strongly believe there are people like this man, might not be many in number but a few at least. I think you can identify them at times and your heart goes out to help them.

But there are many of us who wouldn’t even bother to make an effort to see if the homeless man is genuine. A little observation and a little humbleness can help you find them amongst the many.

It’s the end of the year, you have had some wonderful moments and tried filling your life with all happiness you could and just imagine how much more happiness you could fill in if you could fill happiness in someone’s life before the year ends.

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8 thoughts on “How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

  1. Nice post Vidyashree, I suppose I can spend $100 on some very essential things, if I ever found it on somewhere. I usually look for such things, but alas never became so lucky 🙂

  2. I concur with your thoughts. However, at one time fraud was like salt in rice but these days fraud is like rice itself. Sometimes, it becomes to differentiate between a true needy person and a fraud.

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