Higher Goals: No Matter How Many Goals You Have Achieved..

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Higher Goals:

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No matter how many goals you have achieved you must set your eyes on a higher one – Higher Goals

“No Matter How many goals you have achieved….”

The higher goals of life – sounds so cliched doesn’t it? When someone says – you should always aim higher than your capacity, you should always look forward for things beyond your reach. It always inspired me whenever I read these words and tried to make sense out of them.

I guess it is fair when someone says – we need to look beyond what we see, focus on higher goals in order to reach the potential or the destiny we are supposed to achieve. There are quite simple and logical reasons to agree to what the quote says:

Higher Goals – Does it make sense?

  • It helps us go beyond our comfort zone which helps us gain new capabilities and strengths. It makes us dream and work hard; gives us a purpose for our life and makes it more meaningful
  • Also, once we achieve our dreams, life kinda becomes a bit stagnant and boring. Without any quest to look forward to, there is a real danger of slipping back to our lower capacities. To remember the quote from Tony Robbins which says if we are not progressing, we are simply slipping back.
  • It keeps the journey constantly alive. We have heard people say that success lies in the journey and not the destination alone, the whole concept of setting higher goals the moment we achieve our previous ones is a way to keep that journey and success constantly alive.

Setting Higher Goals:

I think the argument is pretty simple as to why we need higher goals in life and the three points above provide a decent logical appeal to why we would want to do that. The question however remains as to HOW we achieve the process and consciously remain on the pursuit of a goal.

If you recall our previous discussion about Perseverance which is a set of small goals as opposed to one large achievement, the whole idea is to look at our long term goals in life, to see what we would like to make out of our lives. To reiterate, we have always discussed the five important areas of our life – Physical, Emotional, Relationship, Finance and Business – each of which can have a tremendous path for us to achieve. To pick the example of physical fitness, it may start with something as simple as losing a few kilos or running a marathon and later to body building or fitness and achieving the dream physique you desire and deserve.

It would be quite impossible to think of running a 40k Marathon if you have never run in your life. It has to get there with incremental success and that is where setting higher goals in life comes into picture and that is how we are going to make a difference for the various aspects of our life. I do agree when you say – “Easier said than done”, but we both know that any achievement we have been proud of so far in our lives came with a lot of difficulty of its own and we deserved it with our effort.

So yeah, setting a higher goal might sound a bit too philosophical aspect, but if we look closely, it is as practical as it can get and as long as we have a sense or a broad idea as to where our short term goals are leading us, it will be amazing to figure out the long term one.

Well, these were a few of our thoughts on setting long term or higher goals for our lives. More importantly, we value your views and arguments on this, after all the truth that makes most sense comes out of an intellectual argument 🙂 

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12 thoughts on “Higher Goals: No Matter How Many Goals You Have Achieved..

    1. Thank you Purba :). I really like the practical aspect of these quotes, there is always a very strong message subject to interpretations which can make a difference for our lives.

  1. Always goal must be high ! Once reached, change the aim to other goal and achieve it! Never stop, always put a little bit high goals! Thanks Nagaraj, your words and articles always motivational.

    1. Thank you Thiruvenkatam, it is a very nice feeling to read such generous words, Indeed a writer’s absolute delight. Higher goals do make our lives so much more reasonable and there is a constant hunger and quest which makes us go beyond our limits and make our lives even more impactful

  2. I guess aiming for higher goals need not always be for financial or career growth. My highest goal in life is to live in a place surrounded by nature, produce own organic vegetables to sustain myself, contribute in every big/small way to the community and have access to unlimited books. But to achieve this, I need to achieve my shorter goals first 🙂 Great post as always Vinay.

    1. That’s a very nice interpretation of higher goals Jyothi. The priorities certainly make or break our internal fibre and the quest in itself is a beautiful thing. The more we focus on the getting there part, the more enjoyable the whole experience. There is no other feeling like the feeling of progress, esp in a field which we feel so strongly about.

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