Henry Ford: You Cant Built A Reputation On What You Are Going To Do

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Henry Ford Reputation Quote:

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”

-Henry Ford
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Dreams, dreams and dreams, what would we be without them? What would we do without them?

The real question is what we do with them?

I mean, we all have dreams don’t we? And some wonderful ones too! And we would love to achieve them all. It gives us an outlet as to what our perfect lives would be – whether it is money or fame or well being of our fellow people. There are so many of them. They give us a possibility and a hope and a direction for us to focus on.

Question is – if there are so many dreams out there, why are so many of them not achieved yet? What does it take to make them come to true? What does it take to live a life of your choice, your aspirations and ultimately – yes your dreams?!

The simplest and the most ideal answer is – all you got! Although I love this answer, it comes with an asterisk, a * – meaning – I love this answer when I am in the best state of my mind. Now the next question is – how do I maintain myself in the best state of my mind? What do I do to be in that state for a long time?

Do I ignore the challenges in my life, do I say that my life is wonderful even though it is going through hell?

Well motivation is not always about making you feel better, it is about getting those results which matter to us.

And these dreams matter to us a lot, they are very precious to us and they even define us. As henry ford says – that doesn’t matter either. What matters is what we do about it, what are we willing to do for it and to prove ourselves if not the world as to what these dreams mean to us?!

None of us can ever build a reputation or a business or even credibility with what we want to do. The world out there is very cruel, it is very straight forward. It asks you what you have done and what potential you possess to achieve your dreams. It doesn’t care about how good a student you are or whether you can recite a complete verse from a book. It just cares about what value addition you can make to it.

It will ask you what difference you can make and how beneficial you can be to someone – maybe a company or a person or the world itself. None of these will ever be rated on your potential. The world will never know about it unless you actually come out of what is holding you back to stand up for what your beliefs are. That is the only moment from which it all starts to matter, the moment from which you start to matter.

The ultimate question is not just about having your dreams. It is about what you are going to do about them!

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