Have you ever seen someone without any fear at all?

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Have you seen someone who is not afraid? I am sure the answer is not going to be a yes! I believe no matter what we do, there shall always be the outcomes or the thoughts which are going to scare us, make us feel ill at ease, make us think about what we do and how we do. I am also sure that fear has a purpose, it is a fair pointer for what all is going wrong and gives us a moment to stop and think as to how we can make it right.

I don’t think I’ll ever meet someone who is not afraid of anything in this world. And if he says he is not, I am sure I am not going to believe him either. I guess fear has always been cast as a negative emotion, as something which has to be avoided at all costs. Although I agree to it in principle, somehow it doesn’t feel like it is going to happen. There sure are a lot of things I am afraid of as I write this and I don’t feel that those fears should not be there. Like we said, they sure have a purpose, certain importance, they keep asking constantly as to how we are going to tackle them and overcome them. How we are going to live with them and beyond them. Fear certainly is something which holds us back, but it is a question of intensity, it is a question as to how much it holds us back. Its not about trying to obliterate it, it is about living with it, it is about not letting those fears affect us internally. It is about living with them and living it large as though these fears do not matter. Of course the best of the best get scared, but the only thing that makes them who they are is that it doesn’t stop them.



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  1. ah….good quote. But i would like to add that fear can be a great motivator too and not just an inhibitor. Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of loss of a loved one, fear of misunderstanding, to name a few..could actually prove to be a step towards change. but as you have rightly pointed out we cannot do away with it. I say race it, overtake it and win. 🙂 proactive thinking, hard work and a good poker face can help tide over it…i guess 🙂

    1. Thank you Preethi. I certainly agree, fear can be a very powerful motivator. It does help us set a lot of things in order and bring a lot of things in line with the set expectations. But I guess the one time it gets off hand is when we let it take control over us than the other way round. Oh I so agree with the poker face, it is a great saviour 😉 😀

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