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Happy People Focus On What They Have,

Unhappy People Focus On What Is Missing”

Utopia Called Happiness

Happiness in life – sounds like such a nice thing right? – A time where everything is in control and life is pretty much the way we expect it to be, there are not too many surprises, not too many things that pull us down and we start the day with a smile and end the day with another. Such a great life isn’t it? Our previous post – Where is this Happiness focussed on how we find it and the source of happiness. While we are writing this, I am sure there are some people out there who say that there is a word for a situation like this – UTOPIA!

Well, they are not completely wrong, in fact I agree to what they say. Such a situation is not only ideal but seemingly impossible as well. It doesn’t make complete sense for us to define happiness that way cos the more we expect it to be like that, the more we realize that we are that much away from it. Lets try and be realistic say some people. There is no way life is going to be all happiness. The only people who don’t have problems in life are the ones who are in their graves. It is the law of life, there is something or the other going wrong and I guess honestly that is the beauty of it.

The Beauty In Imperfection

Yes! You heard me right, there is a beauty in imperfection, there is a beauty in not having all the things we want in life cos that leaves us in constant hunger, a constant mission in the search for completion. Imagine how boring life would have been if everything kept happening the way we want! Very soon we would have a dull life where you would wonder what to do and spend most of your life in ennui – a complete boredom without as much as a drive. So imperfections are damn cool.

And by this time we all know that no matter what we do, there are going to be imperfections in life, there are going to be those events which pull us down and make us wonder what the true meaning of life is and where to find this thing called happiness. How to make sure we smile all day?

The Constant Search For happiness

Well, it is a naive goal to have, to be on a constant search for happiness – that is one way of going about it. Another way of going about it is looking within to find the most abundant resource of all. We all know somewhere deep down as to what truly makes us happy, what makes us tick, what makes us be completely enthralled by the beauty of life. We have been at stages where just a cool gust of wind would make us smile, a dew drop on the leaves would bring in a romanticism in us, where a distant cheer of music would make us jump in joy.

But we have also been in places where the same things have irritated and pissed us off so much that we swear to live in complete hatred of it.

What changed?

  • Focus?
  • Concentration?
  • State of mind?
  • You?

To be honest, the true answer to finding happy people in life lies in this. It is said that happy people focus on what they want rather than what they don’t have. Let us try that for a moment shall we?

Happy People Vs Unhappy People

What would you feel if you focus on the things you have? What thoughts would it leave you with?

What would you feel if you focus on the things you don’t have? Won’t it leave you with a sense of incompletion and a little bit of restlessness. And then you focus on all the things you have done to realize it but things not working in your favour. Then you focus on how unlucky you are that things have not fallen in place for you while others seem to have a pretty easy life style. And so on.. Basically we are strengthening the legs of this emotion called unhappiness and passing the buck on healthy people as lucky ones.

But we both know that there is nothing called lucky people in this world. There are people and that is it. There are circumstances, sometimes they work in our favour and sometimes they work against us. But there are circumstances, that is just that. But what makes the entire difference is the way we look at these circumstances. We can cry that the rainbows prick our eyes or be in absolute wonder of the colors in front of us. Happy people or you and me for that matter make a choice, a conscious choice to focus on what they want than what they don’t have. And that makes all the difference in the outlook of our lives.

And this was our thought for the day on happy people, happiness in life. Stay tuned in for more.

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  1. Depending on how we look at life, we either see the glass half filled or half empty. Nice post Vinay. I concur that happiness should not depend solely on external triggers or circumstances.

    • True Somali, I guess life will always have those aspects which can be improved upon, the aspects where we need more and at the same time a few aspects that are well covered. And when we look at someone else’s life, we just see what is missing in ours cos we are that conscious about it. It is fair though, but the beauty might just be in seeing a little beyond that and taking control of what we feel about the outcomes around us. I agree that it is easier said than done, but it sure is a very exciting thing to try that.

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