Happy Birthday Emoticons! Tips For Better Emoting

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Happy Birthday Emoticons! Tips For Better Emoting

The story backs to 1982. 32 years ago, on September 19th Scott Fahlman created something that the world uses frequently today. Its the EMOTICONS (Emotions+icon) that cute images which we use to express the way we feel while texting someone. Over the years emoticons have grown widely. The emoticons which started with ‘ 🙂 ‘ as a symbol has turned into graphic images today. We have different types and forms of emoticons today like the  Kaomoji,  anime forms,  Jiong, orz and many more.

Scott Fahlman observed that the jokes, tones and the messages which they were trying to convey in the electronic message boards were often misunderstood and misconstructed. He decided to come up with a solution to the problem and that’s when he created symbols like ‘ :-)’ and ‘:-(‘ which is frequently seen in text messages.

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These cute symbols have certain advantages, disadvantages and certain set of rules to be followed. Lets look into them.


  • Share Emotions :

Its a great way of expressing our emotions within the constraints of texting. Isn’t it? Whether if its an angry emotion, a sweet smile, a laughing one, the one filled with love. You sometimes require them to express your feelings and it sometimes enhances the meaning of the sentences.

  • Brightens Up Conversation:

I have a friend who always replies “hmm’ for every two messages and I say ‘hmm’ somehow disappoints me and to see just ‘hmm’ without a smiley can be upsetting at times. Its just about adding a little more life to your pale conversation. Its good to see few smiles and believe people are happy when they converse with you.

Studies have shown that using a smiley can brighten up a conversation and keep the conversationalists happy to continue.

  • Intensity of Emotions:

‘I am happy’ and ‘I am happy :)’ Don’t you think the two have some difference? The second one seems a lot more happier than the first. To bring out the intensity of sadness, anger, happiness and love emoticons are of great help.

  • Softens the Message:

Well I am not sure if you would  agree with the rest 4 advantages but I guess you would agree with this.

Imagine you have a grand plan for tomorrow. You have these set of people who always end up reaching late to the venue. So you decide to send a reminder message to them. You type “Its a great day tomorrow. Be on time 🙂 ”  instead of “It’s a great day tomorrow. Be on time.” Don’t you think the first one has softened what you are trying to convey and it doesn’t feel offensive to the person.

  • Adds Humour:

Something I love about emoticons is the way they could be used for sarcasm. Well, I mean a friendly one 😉 when you are adding humour in your conversation make sure you use a few emoticons to make it lighter and humourous or it could mistaken by the other person. Even though we enjoy sarcasm we don’t want it to affect people. We want the other person to take humour as a humour, so emoticons can be a great advantage here.


  • Over Usage:

Imagine a conversation with only emoticons and very little text in it? Don’t you feel irritated? Well, I have to agree, it irritates me. Over usage of anything hurts and so does using emoticons crazily annoys people. It loses its value on over usage.

  • Using At the Wrong Time: 

You are trying to make a serious conversation with your friend and you see your friend using those emoticons baseless. Its a total turn off to carry on the conversation further. Especially when you are trying to convey a sad news or a serious news, it doesn’t feel good to see emoticons even though you use the sad ones.

  • Using Wrong Emotions:

A friend of mine had a hard time understanding to use emoticons. He messed up with girls always 😀 He didn’t know what to use when. I know the same things happen with girls too. Lets be a little sensible when we choose emoticons. Lets use emoticons as per the emotions, relationship status, relationship level, closeness of a person, type of person,age of a person  and certain other factors 😉


  • Emoticons come at the end of thoughts – It enhances the effect of your thoughts.
  • If you use multiple emoticons, use them in order according your thoughts.


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Happy Smile

Happy smile conveys happiness. A positive emoticon to convey someone your best gesture, that is a happy smile.


An emoticon to express your laughing emotions. It conveys positive effect and the other person feels great for cracking an awesome joke 😀 And also a great usage for sarcasm 😉


An emoticon to convey disappointment and sadness. Make sure you use it once in a while or it could encourage the other person to use the same on you 😀


I use it pretty often and love it. Great usage for pulling your friends legs and being cheeky yet loving.


A emoticon with multiple usage. could be used to exaggerate intensity of your anger or show them how much angry you really are.

wink emoticonwink

An emoticon to show you are playful, fun filled and love being mischievous. Could affect pretty well when used at right times.

shockShock/ Unbelievable

A super cute emoticon to express the emotion of hearing something which is unbelievable, a shocking expression, a sense of question with ‘O’ on your face.


Isn’t it the emoticon you would want to see from the loved ones? It conveys positive message of sending love to people and people love to receive it.


Well, I don’t think there is need to explain here 😀 You know why it is used and with whom to use. A positive way to send affection to loved ones.

Belated wishes for Emoticons 🙂 Happy texting everybody 🙂

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  1. Hey Vidya, this is what I’m searching for these days – something about emoticons. I’ve decided to ask my blogger friends to write on it but it seems that you’ve already heard.

    I think I’m over using it inappropriately. I’m looking for shoulder shrug emotion. I often find myself using happy smile in place of shoulder shrug 🙂

  2. I LURVV emoticons ! 😀 They definitely end our thoughts on a good note .. when a person doesn’t use emoticons I just assume he is dead from the inside 😛 *Meany me* No really its just like you smile at a stranger and he doesn’t return back the smile… A little bit of emoticon never hurt anyone 😉 Now I am overusing them , ain’t I ? 😛 😀

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