Google India Thanks The Delivery Men

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Google India Chooses The Perfect Way To Thank The Delivery Man

Oh! How we love online shopping. We are very thankful to the one who came up with this idea of door delivery. How easy and convenient. Everything comes to your doorstep. And when the product is delivered at your footstep, all you do is receive the package with a smiling face, sign the confirmation, shut the door behind, and……….Wait! Are we missing something here? Oh yeah! the thank you part. We are so happy and excited looking at the parcel that saying thank you looks like our least priority.

The delivery men drives so far to deliver your package safe. They do get irritated with finding your house address but still tries a couple of other times and a couple of other ways to reach you. And not to forget to mention the times when you are not at home, they drive back and come again sometime later for you. In all, they have made our lives so easy and comfortable.

Here is what Google India did to thank the unsung heroes of online shopping. They said thank you. Nah….! Not just the mere words. Watch this video, they chose the perfect way to thank them.

Could you think of any better way Google India could have chosen to thank them? It’s the time of GOSF now( Google Online Shopping Festival)  and thousands of door deliveries happen every day. They drive hundreds of kilometers every day and what better gift can we think about. of course? Their safety is the first thing they should be concerned about and we are happy to know Google India has taken an initiative to care for them and appreciate their work. I remember a few days ago a few retailers were on a strike to stop the online services as it resulted in their loss. Well, lucky for us it doesn’t look like its going to stop. Thanks to all those people who made shopping so easy, cheap and convenient.

Well… I know most of us thank the delivery men, but there is something more you can add to make them feel good. No… I am not suggesting you to spend money and do something for them. If you want to, that’s very kind of you. Here is an easy way, add a little more smile and a lot more gratitude to thank them and stop using the bland “thank you.” from now on.

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