GMAT vs GRE: Which one should we prefer for MBA Admission?

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Masters of Business Administration – MBA


The last 10 years have been quite exciting in the vocational sector as globalisation has started increasing its outreach in India. I can see more people getting jobs and paid quite respectably. Especially the IT sector has taken India by storm and the allied services have also improved to provide an extraordinary quality. The beauty with growth is that it requires skilled human resource and as we talk about skilled resources, education plays a very important role.

India has now reached a commendable state in its bachelors education and most of the students are now considering a higher education as they know how much impact it can create in their job profile. Especially if you are experienced for a few years and are looking for a promotion to the management team, MBA is clearly the way to go. As the race to IIM’s and IIT’s gets faster, so does the desire to gain entry into the global schools. The global schools not only provide a great introduction to the diversity and the way businesses are done in the world, they also open your profile up for international jobs as well. If you are keen on working in different countries and understand how business is conducted, an MBA overseas is a wonderful addition.

Whenever you consider education, there are always these screening tests and when you talk about MBA, the screening tests revolve around either the GMAT or GRE. Both of these exams are adaptive tests and are very interesting in their own terms. Many schools around the world take these scores seriously and to an extent even your scholarship depends on how well you score in these exams. Well, that brings you to the question – which of these exams should you take?


gmat-logoFor most of the MBA’s GMAT is the most popular examination. I remember the last time I took this exam, it was a brilliant experience just to go through the process. The applicability of GMAT scores is wide – most schools outside of India and sometimes even the schools in India like ISB consider the GMAT scores. They have a wider universal applicability as compared to GRE which is mostly taken by students interested in their masters course and not necessarily the MBA.


gre_logo-svgGRE is also a very interesting exam. The difficulty level of both these exams remains pretty much the same. The advantage with GRE is that its English tends to be vocabulary intensive as opposed to GMAT which is more about grammar and the way language is used. The quantitative aptitude section remains mostly the same. Both of them are adaptive and scoring high on either of them is highly recommended.

The trick however with GRE is that it is not applicable to all the schools you will apply to. So, I would recommend looking at the schools you are interested in and their selection model. If you are certain that most of the schools you are interested in look at the GRE scores, then undoubtedly it is the way to go. If not, I would say -stick with GMAT since it is far easier and you can be almost assured that any international school you apply to will accept these scores.

Regardless of which decision you take, I would say doing an MBA outside is a rewarding experience. I am just about finishing my MBA and I have been extremely happy with the way the last year has gone by. Every time I look back, I feel really proud of the distance I have come in the last one year of study. If you are motivated by similar things for an MBA, then it surely will be a very rewarding experience. I will be very happy to answer any questions if they can be of any help.

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