How To Get Over Shyness? – Tony Robbins

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Are you a person who tries to escape meeting new people? Or are you the one who hides out with the fear of being embarrassed? Or are you the one who is wishing to be more confident? Well I was all the 3 earlier. I was so shy that I always asked my friends to buy food for me in college canteen in my 12th grade and that too in a women’s college. Heights of shyness! Right? Well I am happy I am not the same anymore. But sometimes I tend to be a little shy. I have found this video to help me get over my bits of shyness from here on.

How do you define yourself :

The way you label  yourself is a way of sub-consciously telling your mind  that you have a set of rules and that’s how you must behave. The more I describe myself to be shy the more I tend to prove it to myself and I would classify every action into two categories as the things that should fall under the category of “Not-So-Shy” and the things that should fall under “Shy” and obviously I tend to be more comfortable with the “Not-So-Shy” category because that is what I believe in and that’s where I have seen the comfort so far.

Erasing the definition:

Erase all the words you are unhappy about and still use it to define yourself. Start defining yourself better. Change doesn’t come instantaneously so fake it initially as they say “sometimes you have to fake it to make it” Once you are used to the happiness which the change brings you wouldn’t want to let it go. And that extraordinary feeling will help you find ways on its own.

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13 thoughts on “How To Get Over Shyness? – Tony Robbins

  1. Nice video and awesome post Vinay. I don’t how you come with such awesome videos. I actually see a less videos and hence did not get the idea to create blog posts on videos. But honestly it is a good idea…

    1. Thank you Alok :). I have been a big fan of this guy – Tony Robbins. Infact he was the one man responsible for a lot of things I have done till now, esp to be writing on this domain.. And from then on self improvement has become an inseperable part. This guy has made me fall in love with it 🙂 .

      Thank you Alok, We did want to bring in some more variety, hence we started with videos and quotes and then steps to do certain things. Hopefully with time to come we will have more such varieties and more interesting content 🙂

      1. There is again some glitch but its fine by me Viany… Hope you are not ruffled by my commenting in reply section 🙂 As for the post ..its great as always .. I’ll try to know more about this guy… I can hardly be called shy these days 😀 but there are times (most of the times) when I prefer solace and books rather then company… 😛

        1. Hi Kokila. Thank you for the thoughts :). I am still trying to figure out this comment box. I wonder what is causing it. Disqus is known to be an ideal commenting system, it somehow is giving me a whole load of new challenges.

          Certainly I do not mind at all, although I do feel bad putting you at discomfort..

          I am sure there is a lot to know about him, personally he is someone who I currently worship blindly :).

          I think we all do vacillate between the shy and the non shy part. It is good to know that we have options to keep swinging in different directions 🙂

  2. Nice article. It can be a genuine problem. Though I am not shy, if I find a purpose. I think I have a high threshold to meet and open up with new people. If I am well prepared, i do not mind public meetings. But I dread unprepared meetings.

    1. Thank you Abhijit :). I am very similar to you in that front. Although my job does make me open up to people at ease, I am still very guarded when it comes to the closer circles. I guess most of us are like that that way. We are cautious about who we let into our life.

      I agree about the unprepared meetings, they can go haywire in every different way!! 😀

  3. Good read once again Vinay. You really are in a state to tune everyone in full happy swing. Thanks for sharing the info, though I am not that shy but some situation really makes me so especially in marketing my business ;P

    1. Thank you Tara :). He he :D, comes with the job at hand. I have always been a huge fan of the theories of motivation and people as such and of course their amazing behaviours. People are indeed fascinating 🙂 and it is so lovely to see everyone break out of their shackles and set themselves free 🙂

  4. Thank you Yamini, Tony is an extraordinary person and to listen to his thoughts feels almost like a trance to me :).

    Ah! Lovely, I haven’t come across this organization, but looks like they are doing a good job at it if they are giving such good results 🙂

  5. Thank you Maniparna :). I agree, most of us have passed through that stage, some us even today vacillate between the two stages and sometimes we go completely shy on the extreme end. It is a good feeling to know that we have so many variations we can switch to :).

    Nice to know that you liked the video Maniparna :). I agree, there will be some things which will put us down in a communication, but I guess interesting people are at every nook and corner and to tap that is an amazing feeling indeed 🙂

  6. Vidhya What happened to Vinay.Nowdays u alone are making posts which is also equally wonderful.Hope things are awesome there

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