Gandhi Jayanti: What Is Your Pledge?

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Gandhi Jayanti: What Is Your Pledge?

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Gandhi Jayanti – What Is Your Pledge?

Oct 2, 1869 – A legend was born in Gujarat, a legend who went on to become the father of our nation and a man of ideals who has endless line of admirers. We are celebrating his Bday today, and the question is how.

Few days ago in the Madison square garden speech, our PM Modi talked about two things which Gandhi liked the most



We have already reached our freedom, thanks to Gandhi and a few other great heroes like him – “Most inspiring independence heroes”

But we still are a long way from reaching our goal of cleanliness or a clean India. I am not talking about corruption or policies or anything else here. That is way out of our domain. I am asking what we can do on this day to make sure that we take action for the rest of the year and maybe the rest of our lives.

Gandhi was a great man, he also said no liquor and liquor is happily banned on this one day throughout the nation. I am not going to ask you to make a resolution to give up liquor. I am not even going to ask to stand up for the freedom of the nation or give up everything and join politics. I am not even going to ask you to practice non violence that if your neighbor hits you, you offer him the other cheek. I am not saying that it will not work, I am saying that it is going to hurt to take even a single slap :P.

But I think there is something we can all do. Just like the new years and the holidays, we all make a pledge, a resolution to either lose weight or get back in shape or leave smoking or something like that.

Today can we make one simple pledge, not just for the nation alone, but for ourselves as well?

I solemnly pledge today that I am going to make my best effort to make this a clean nation. I am not going to take a broom and sweep the streets but I can promise that the next time I drink a bottle of soda, I won’t throw it on the road, or if I eat of a piece of chocolate, I won’t throw it in an open ground or I can promise that I can go a step ahead and politely prevent someone else from doing it as well.

Doing is something else compared to believing and I promise to do it from today.

How about you? What is your pledge for this day?

Modi has already taken a step ahead with the Swacch Bharat mission and ill do my best to support this. How about you ?

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12 thoughts on “Gandhi Jayanti: What Is Your Pledge?

  1. Well I’d like to remember Lal Bahadur Shashtri also today because Oct 2nd was his birth date too. He inspired people of India to fast one time daily when US banned export of wheats to India. He was the leader who pushed Pakistan into its very interior. He gave the slogan of Jai Jawan Jai Kissan. He was the only PM till date who conducted a successful mass movement in independent India. Unfortunately he was killed in Russia and no one demanded an explanation why his body became blue after drinking a glass of milk.

    1. Hi Ravish, Yes, I guess just a couple of mins before this comment we had published the post on LBS :). As for the issue about his death, I am afraid that there is nothing conclusive about it. I no doubt agree that he was an amazing man of his own accord and there are a lot of things that make us mesmerized.

  2. Hmm, I guess I am not going to take any pledge on today, as the pledge which we are discussing about these days are already followed by me in real life 🙂 Thank you Vinay for sharing this blog post….

    1. Thats really cool Alok :).. I consciously used to avoid littering in public places but from this time onwards I will make sure that I shall try and prevent the others from doing it as well as a part of my moral responsibility. 🙂

  3. The contribution of Gandhiji for country’s Independence is remarkable. For what I believe, it is now our responsibility to create the place, environment, society where we want to live. We all know what is wrong, aren’t we – but we are lazy enough to stand against it. Everything is “chalta hai”. No Boss – Its high time, I will give up my “Chalta hai” attitude…Thank you Vinay for bringing up this article. I hope more and more people come and give up this covering attitude for misbehaving.

    1. Thank you Priyashi :). I completely agree with you. It is our responsibility to create a healthy environment to live in and I couldn’t agree more, it is as if it is very easy to escape responsibility and want someone else to do our job for us. And that chalta hai attitude is such a pain.I am sure going ahead, there will be a new rise of people who want to see change and make it happen than the ones who sit around and complain!

  4. I want to pledge for clean India. I can pledge that i shall not litter. At the same time, i cannot pledge to stop others from littering. For that government needs to form law, authorise people to penalise litter bugs. Other pledges like telling the truth, being kind etc have come and gone, I did not stick to them.

    1. Thank you Abhijit :). I agree that the govt needs to step in and make sure that the implementation is stronger. At the same time the power of persuasion is amazing, people really do respond to that very well. When each one of us owns the place we belong to and show it in our actions, I am sure the others will follow as well, or in other words, it is the development of a movement 🙂

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