Game Of Thrones, Which Character Are You?

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If you have watched this series, you might want to try out the character descriptions of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t, well I would really suggest to start doing it, it certainly is one of the most awesome series ever!

I was checking out the quiz today and it really was kinda fun to read the various character descriptions.

I have always liked knowing more about myself, especially when people had something good to say about me 😀 . I remember having spent hours reading the character descriptions of Linda Goodman and the usual characteristics of the sun signs. I do know that most people might debate it as a hoax and most people would actually question the logic behind me actually trying it.

Well, to be honest, there is no real sound logic to it. It is as simple as this – I knew that the result or the outcome was going to make me feel better. Sometimes I think we all hit that phase in life where we need a little reassurance and a little comfort saying that we are good. Of course there are well wishers around us, there are people who look out for us and keep telling us that we are good and things will happen our way. Although we want to believe in it, it doesn’t somehow work that way easily. And the other times, we all like to feel a little good about ourselves and the image of what we would like to see ourselves as.

A better respite or maybe an escape mechanism was that. But this is more fun, trust me cos it is interactive, it asks you a few questions and makes you wonder which character description you might fall into. And it is even more fun when you reach the description of the character you love. I realize that whenever I am watching a movie, I try to relate and associate with those characters and imagine what we would have done in a similar situation.

In other words, these protagonists act as a reflection of our character or what we aspire to be. In this series – I absolutely loved Tyrian Lanister, John Snow and even Aarya Stark. I knew I wouldn’t reach the description of Aarya Stark, but I had something for the characteristics of the other two. John Snow and his faithfulness, honesty, sincerity, strength, confidence and so much more. Although I don’t claim to exude all the characteristics of that, I would still like to do that 🙂 .

The other character I loved was, Tyrian Lanister – oh how I wish I had his survival skills. No matter what situation you put him in, he comes up being a survivor. I think from the first season I started watching him, I was waiting for his character to die cos there were numerous such opportunities for that. And in the end, he is now a crucial part in the series. I love how the season is going and would love to see who stands where. Having said that, the season is more than just about beautiful story telling, it is about those reflections of all these characters within us.

I don’t want to sound any more boorish, but would love to know which character you aspire to be and what the outcome came as – well just for the sake of fun :).

PS: I got Ned Stark to my surprise. Although I admire his qualities, I really thought that he was a bit stupid and stubborn which ended him at the tip of a spear 😀 .. What about you ? 🙂

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